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Modern Slavery Latest Figures

Walk Free, an international human rights group that focusses on the eradication of modern slavery, has released its latest Global Slavery Index report. A global study that provides a picture of modern slavery as it exists across industries and countries.

Concerningly, the global estimate of people living in modern slavery has increased by 10 million. In 2016 the estimate was 40 million, as of 2021 it is 50 million.

The estimated number of people living in modern slavery in Australia has also increased. Rising from 15,000 (2016) to 41,000 (2021). A significant portion of these people are migrant workers.

The highest-value at-risk products imported by Australia continue to be electronics and garments. The report highlights that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at risk of being produced by Uyghurs was imported by Australia from China.

On a positive note, Australia, along with the UK and Netherlands, have been identified as having the strongest government responses to modern slavery.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Global Slavery Index

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