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LGP offers a Wide Array of Contracts

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LGP offers a Wide Array of Contracts

LGP offers a wide array of IT&C products, consulting, and services designed to evolve with your technology needs. Explore our comprehensive waste solutions, including mobile garbage bins, FOGO-related products, industrial containers, static compactors and related services. LGP contracts streamline procurement, reduce risk, boost efficiency, and save costs. Elevate your procurement strategy with us today.

IT&C Products, Consulting and Services

LGP has a wide range of IT&C solutions for all council needs is available.

The IT&C panel enhancement tender is currently open. This is the perfect opportunity for new suppliers interested in joining this panel. The tender submission deadline is October 13, 2023. Prospective suppliers can access the tender documents at www.eprocure.com.au/lgp

Deliverables under this contract:
  • Telecommunications Services
  • IT Hardware (on-premise)
  • Network Infrastructure (on-premise)
  • Phone Systems
  • Professional Services
  • Printing and Scanning
  • Software
  • ICT Support
  • Website Services
  • Managed Services
  • Business Support
  • Audio Visual
  • Cloud Services (Xaas)
  • Integration Services
  • Development Services
  • Smart Cities
  • Cybersecurity

For more details on this Tender, please click here.

Mobile Garbage Bins, Industrial Containers & Bins, Static Compactors, Associated Products and Services – NPN111-4

The recently launched Mobile Garbage Bins, Industrial Containers & Bins, Static Compactors, Associated Products and Services contract began on September 1, 2023. It offers a strong panel of approved contractors, ensuring cost-effective solutions for all NSW Customers.

Scope of this contract:
  • MGB Spare Parts.
  • MGB’s Products Certified to 4123.1-2008.
  • Supply of MGB’s commercial sizes.
  • Industrial Containers, Static Compactors & Lifters.
  • Supply of Supplementary Bins and Receptacles.
  • Spare Parts and Accessories for Supplementary Bins.
  • RFID Technology & Accessories for Waste Collection.
  • Range of Services (Incl. Industrial and Other).
    • Hot Stamping & Embossing.
    • Laser Identification.
    • Permanent Full Colour Labels.
    • Assembly & Distribution.
    • On Site Scheduled Maintenance & Repairs.
    • Field Maintenance & Repairs.
    • Hydraulic & Electrical Repair.
    • Electrical Testing & Tagging.
    • Emergency Repairs & Servicing; and
    • Recycling

For additional contract details, consult the Part D specifications in the Standing Offer Deed. Explore further through LGP’s e-quotation system. VendorPanel.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Business Development Manager.

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