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LGP Disaster Recovery Product Suite

LGP contracts provide councils with LGP Approved Contractor panels that can deliver many goods, works, and services needed when responding to, and recovering from, a natural disaster.

Councils play a key role in responding to natural disasters and are under pressure to repair or replace assets to restore normalcy and meet the needs of the community, quickly. This recovery process may pose significant procurement risks.

During this crunch time, challenges such as unavailability of regular suppliers and difficulty in sourcing goods or services in a timely manner may lead to paying a premium and less time to undertake due diligence.

To help councils overcome such challenges, LGP has developed tools that connect councils with pre-vetted, high-quality suppliers providing negotiated pricing. LGP’s streamlined engagement of suppliers, with pre-agreed terms and set ceiling prices, helps to ensure disaster recovery works commence as soon as possible.

Key benefits of using LGP Approved Contractors are:
• Quick access to high-quality suppliers.
• Engage suppliers directly from the panel without concern for tendering.
• Pre-agreed terms and conditions.
• Set ceiling prices, so you won’t pay a premium.


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