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Kickstart Your Disaster Recovery Efforts

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Kickstart Your Disaster Recovery Efforts

LGP panels can fix your roads, strengthen your drainage systems. secure hardware for repairs, improve your playgrounds and dispose off waste.

Bitumen, Emulsions and Asphalt Materials and Services – Panel for the Supply and Delivery of Asphaltic Concrete (AC) Materials & Related Services.

Services you can procure:
• Ex-Bin, Asphaltic Concrete (AC) Materials and other associated Materials
• Supply and Deliver Bulk Cationic Rapid Setting (CRS) Grade Bitumen
• Emulsion and associated servicing of Emulsion vessels.
• Provide Lay of AC services.
• Provide Cold Milling of AC and Base Course services.
• Provide Pavement Rejuvenation and/or Enrichment services.
• Provide Crack Sealing Services.
• Provide Stabilisation services.
• Provide Spray Sealing Services.
• Road Patching Services
• Concrete Pavement Repairs
• Asphalt Mill and Fill Services provided on a project managed basis

Supply of labour, material and equipment necessary to carry out works and services associated with all aspects of minor and major civil works including the supply, transportation and disposal of construction materials as follows.

Services you can procure:
• Site Preparation and Construction Works
• Road Construction Works
• Water, Wastewater Treatment and Distribution:
• Drainage Construction
• Marine and Coastal Construction
• Swimming Pool and Reservoir Construction
• Bulk Construction and Landscape Materials
• Landscaping Works
• Building Construction Minor Works and Services
• Transportation and Disposal of Waste, including Contaminated Materials.
• Recycled or Re-Purposed Discarded Construction Materials.
• Other Minor and Major Civil Works

Industrial, Construction, Electrical, Domestic, Urban & Civil Consumables, General Hardware & Materials – supply of Industrial, Construction, Electrical, Domestic, Urban and Civil Consumables, General Hardware & Materials.’

Services you can procure:
• Paint and Protective Coatings and Adhesives
• Electrical and Lighting (Industrial & Household)
• General Hardware
• Building and Construction Materials
• Hand and Power Tools (excludes Outdoor Power Equipment)
• Nursery and Garden Care (excludes Herbicides and Pesticides)
• Domestic and Retail Plumbing Supplies
• Pipes, Pumps, Fittings and Fixtures for Urban and Civil Plumbing

Playgrounds, Open Spaces, Modular Structures, Exterior Lighting, Recreational and Associated Infrastructure – Delivery of Playgrounds, Open spaces, Modular Structures, Exterior Lighting, Recreational and Associated Infrastructure.

Services you can procure:
• Playground, Fitness & Sporting Equipment
• Outdoor Furniture, Site Fittings, Shelters & Shade Structures
• Exterior, Outdoor & Urban Lighting
• Demountable/Modular Buildings, Temporary Structures, Pre-fabricated
• Shed Structures & Exterior Restrooms
• Playgrounds, Skate Parks, Sporting Fields and Bike/Fitness Tracks
• Public Parklands, Gardens, Wetlands and Foreshores
• Soft Landscaping & Outdoor Ground Covers
• Landscape Structures, Fencing, Retaining Walls, Paving & Masonry.

LGP also has a suite of contracts that can support you in your disaster recovery initiatives.
If you have any questions, please reach out to your Business Development Manager.

If you would like your preferred suppliers on the LGP panel, please notify them of our upcoming tenders.
Supply of Electricity (Renewable and Firming Power)

This tender is for the supply of electricity (renewable and firming) for participating Councils for Large, Street -Lighting and Small Tariff sites.
Electricity needs to be provided from a particular renewable energy generator preferably located in NSW.
Tenderers will be invited to offer pricing for:
• renewable energy
• additional Greenpower (optional)

Supply of Electric, Petrol & Diesel Light Vehicles and Charging Station, Consulting and Infrastructure Services

This tender is for the supply of electric, petrol & diesel light vehicles and charging Station consulting and infrastructure services.
Tenderers will be invited to offer pricing for:
Supply of Electric Light Vehicles
• Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) – passengers, SUVs, light commercials
• Hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs & HEVs)– passengers, SUVs, light commercials
• c) Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) – passengers, SUVs, light commercials
Supply of Petrol & Diesel Light Vehicles
• Petrol Vehicles – passengers, SUVs, light commercials
• Diesel Vehicles – passengers, SUVs, light commercials
Supply of Charging Station Consulting, and Infrastructure Services
• Charging Station Consultancy Services
• Supply of chargers and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)
• Charging Station Infrastructure Services
• Maintenance & Servicing of Charging Infrastructure

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