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Introducing Selina Pinheiro

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Introducing Selina Pinheiro

Who am I?

Given my Indian background, often, people are intrigued by my Portuguese family name. My family name comes from my Goan parents, with roots going back to Portugal. So fortunate to hail from very rich cultures and heritage, both India and Portugal.

Born and brought up in Bombay, India, completed my education and after a decade of working with leading American technology companies my husband and I decided to relocate to the land down under. Since relocating to Sydney, 13 years ago, I have loved every moment in this beautiful country.

An innate passion for creativity leads me to dabble with painting, designing, interior designing, culinary and travel. Cooking up delicious food is not limited to Indian cuisine. I love trying my hand whipping up food from various other cuisines. I don’t care much about baking but love decorating cakes with creative designs, create decorative centre pieces, redesigning rooms, decorative craft and sewing. With all the fun things, I do not have time for dull moments.

What keeps me busy at LGP?

In my role as Marketing Manager at LGP I am able to extend my creativity into my work. Designing content to build the LGP brand and promote LGP products and services across various platforms, organising and executing networking events gives me the opportunity to travel to various regions across NSW, and of course organising the huge annual conference keeps me occupied almost all year through. Truly love my work and what I do. Love working at LGP, great culture and leadership.

How do I make a difference at LGP?
  • Work with various stakeholders to design ways to share relevant information with council that benefit communities.
  • Build marketing campaigns while making sure cross-channel activities align with the company’s strategic objectives. Build ideas for future programs and campaigns.
  • Planning and producing events ranging from networking meetings, conference, webinars for councils to enhance capability.
  • Provide cross-functional marketing assistance to all stakeholders and assist with their requirements to help achieve their targets in line with LGP’s strategic goals.

Please connect with me via email

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