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Introducing Mihaela Stancu

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Introducing Mihaela Stancu

Who am I

I am originally from Constanta, a town on the Black Sea coast of Romania. So yes, I come from Dracula’s country, but I am not a vampire, trust me (??😊). My husband and I lived in UK for a couple of years and in 2010 we moved to Sydney.

We have a beautiful daughter who started high school this year, is very active and keeps me occupied with soccer training or games, piano, orchestra and choir rehearsals and performances (she recently performed at Opera House, so we are very proud parents, indeed). And that leaves me very little “me time”.

I enjoy reading (which I do mostly when I am commuting) and I like attending opera, ballet, and symphonic music events.

I love travelling and we spend most of our holidays abroad, which gives us the opportunity to see and experience new places and new cultures. Architecture fascinates me, hence, in our holidays  we spend a lot of time visiting old, historic buildings (and drag the family with me, who call me “Wow”, as in when looking at something and saying “Wow”).

What keeps me busy at LGP?

As a Consultant at LGP, I work closely with Councils to share my procurement expertise and to support Councils’ procurement capability and efficiencies to deliver various projects and achieve value for money.

In my role I deliver services such as : Review of Procurement framework; Facilitation, development, and management of RFXs; Chairing evaluations, Procurement as a Service (PaaS); Probity services, etc.

How do I make a difference at LGP?
  • I support my team and the organisation to achieve goals and milestones.
  • I’m continuously learning and sharing my knowledge.
  • I recognise and praise the good work and achievements of others.
  • I have a good sense of humour which can make others feel good and help buffer stress.

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