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Introducing Margret Szanto

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Introducing Margret Szanto

Who am I?

I was born in the former Yugoslavia as a Hungarian minority, in the region now called Serbia. In 1968 our family immigrated to Australia, along with my parents and older sister our Aussie journey began. My “little” brother was born in 1970, our very own bona fide Australian.

Like many migrants coming to Australia over the decades and centuries (we arrived with Qantas, not by ship, I’m older, but not that old!), my parents wanted what many from war torn Europe wanted; freedom from oppression and access to opportunities, for us and themselves.

Today, I am an immensely proud Australian, who is tethered and steeped equally in Hungarian and Australian cultures. I speak, read, and write fluently in both languages. Being bilingual, I have developed an ear for spoken languages, and my migrant journey has equipped me with patience and empathy to understand others, all others, whether migrant, or not. I love rich Hungarian food, but I also love the variety of everything Australia has to offer, from pies to pizza, seafood to steaks, and all the glorious cuisines from around the world (favourites include, Goulash, Pho soup, Enchiladas, and oysters natural with lemon).

I am fortunate, family means everything to me, with a supportive jokester husband, loving parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews. We are a small, passionate group; loud and boisterous when we come together to celebrate, eat, drink, and talk over each other.

Other things that interest me include geopolitics, 3D field archery, watching sci fi movies, playing mind games to keep my brain active and spending time with my boys (hubby and pooch) and Footy, love my Footy – Go Roosters! (Norfolk Island Archery Adventure)

What keeps me busy at LGP?

I am grateful and fortunate to have these years at LGP, as one of two remaining founding members of the original six, I have experienced the rollercoaster as we worked closely with the sector to establish and grow this organisation. It’s been a hell of a ride!

My focus now is to empower the people around me, staff at LGP as well as council colleagues I come across. My mission is to change the thinking of procurement to sustainable procurement. I know that sustainable procurement is the answer to inclusivity, climate change, and better outcomes.

With my fellow executives, our mission is to move us from employee satisfaction to engagement, from panel contracts to managed panel contracts, from efficiency to optimisation, from customer satisfaction to engagement.

How do I make a difference at LGP?

I try to make a difference every day at LGP by:

  • Supporting a team of high achievers delivering quality procurement services to the sector.
  • Supporting and lifting staff to stretch and achieve.
  • Applying my leadership program learnings to expand my thinking and help others.
  • Help lift the LGP brand and draw and propel council staff towards sustainable procurement.


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