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Introducing Luke Kenny

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Introducing Luke Kenny

Who am I?

I was born in Melbourne, Victoria and the oldest of four boys (my poor Mum). We relocated to Sydney in 1982 for my Dad’s work and we have lived in Sydney ever since.

Today I am very fortunate to have recently moved to the Northern Beaches, to enjoy a life close to the water with my wonderfully supportive and understanding wife who just re-trained as an organisational psychologist, and just started her own practice.  We have two beautiful adult daughters who are currently finishing their university degrees.

What am I passionate about?  Outside of supporting my family and keeping fit, I am a life-long Collingwood Magpies AFL supporter, love Formula 1 racing, chasing holidays on a beach somewhere, or exploring the Northern Hemisphere.

In terms of what keeps me busy outside of my role at LGP, I am at the gym five days a week to try and stay fit.  I play in a ‘old man’ basketball competition in a team called ‘Defibrillate’ with my little brother and a few mates. During summer I train for and compete in various ocean swims.

I volunteer as a Board Chair for a not-for-profit research company and run a major charity fundraising event for Rare Cancers Australia. I am a third of my way through studying a post-graduate law degree which is keeping any spare brain space more-than occupied.

What keeps me busy at LGP?

I am very grateful to be the CEO here at LGP, having taken over in October 2016.  I try and focus my role on creating an environment that supports the professional development and high performance from all our amazing LGP staff.  Our Board is a tremendous support, I enjoy working with and our Executive team to deliver on our strategic plan, and mitigate those risks which might stop us from performing at our best and growing our business.

Looking outside the business, I try to make sure we are continuously improving the value and service we provide our NSW councils and contracted suppliers.  A large part of my role is representing, positioning and marketing the LGP business to customers and stakeholders.  This has me supporting our own events program, presenting at other external events and contributing to procurement professional associations.

My role requires a focus on stakeholder relationship management, which allows me to grow relationships with LGNSW, NSW state government, local government bodies in other states, as well as other associations and private sector organisations.

How do I make a difference at LGP? 

I try to make a difference at LGP by:

  • Demonstrating and applying my servant leadership approach in my CEO role.
  • Supporting our staff to do things they don’t believe they are capable of.
  • Helping design and lead new initiatives to grow LGP.
  • Being someone who attracts businesses and people to engage with LGP.
  • After almost 7 years in this role….keep giving all I have and doing my best each day, which is all I can do!


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