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Introducing Kazuya Kusaka

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Introducing Kazuya Kusaka

Who am I?

I am born and raised mostly in Sydney (with stints in Tokyo and Melbourne) to immigrant parents.

In terms of my career, I hold a degree in supply chain management and previously I worked in running the end-to-end supply chain in an oil and gas company.

I love everything about food and enjoy cooking and checking out new restaurants in my spare time with family and friends. Some of my favorite restaurants in Sydney are Saint Peter (Paddington), Sou Ramen Lab (North Sydney), Pu Ji Mi (Eastwood) and Old Town Story (Eastwood).

My hobbies can be found easily by googling my name (Unfortunately!).

How do I make a difference at LGP?

I aim to bring my best to LGP, I simply just do my best at whatever I am doing. I am one to voice my opinion where I feel there is a better way of doing something.

What keeps me busy at LGP?

I keep busy planning in advance and executing tenders to make sure we meet deadlines and ensure that we don’t fall behind schedule in addition to participating in projects, so I get exposure to other areas of the business. I also ensure I regularly participate in training/study so I always better myself, my skills, and my knowledge.

Feel free to connect with me via LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kkusaka/

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