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Introducing Jo Pratikantam

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Introducing Jo Pratikantam

Who am I?

Hello my name is Jyotsna and in true Aussie fashion I go by a shorter & sweeter name, Jo. My name might be a bit of a tongue-twister, but its meaning is pure simplicity: moonlight in Sanskrit. Out of all the wonderful things I am grateful to my parents for, giving me my name must be on top of that list, (right after their graceful acceptance that I may never master parallel parking) because nothing describes me better than my name, I embody moonlight in human form, fully embracing the nocturnal spirit, my peak creativity unfolds after 11 pm. I am the living embodiment of radiance. Every room I enter is aglow with my presence, and occasionally, I find myself shining in the darkest moments, offering comfort and laughter to those around me. No one could find fault with my captivating presence, and my absence is so noticeable that it’s even marked on the calendar –with HR compliance being a separate consideration. Humor is my forte, and I seize every opportunity to showcase it. Lastly, I never fret about the spotlight; after all, I am the spotlight everyone seeks.

In addition to going by Jo, I’ve been bestowed with titles like “funny,” “gorgeous,” “talented,” and the ever-popular “everyone’s favourite gal” – the list is quite extensive. Frankly, I just roll with it; who am I to argue?  Hailing from India, I previously worked as a radio presenter, hosting my own drive time evening show for a solid two years. It was not just my first significant job but indeed my dream job.

My thirst for an adventure later took over and four years ago, on Valentine’s Day, I made the move to Sydney. As much as it might sound like a rom-com plot, it wasn’t to find love but to pursue my master’s degree. Remember the early days of the COVID panic? We were all being re-educated on handwashing techniques and cautioned against using our outdoor recreational time during lockdown to meet strangers from dating apps. Yes, that marked the beginning of my wild adventure. I am now the master of bartending my way into free concerts.

Now, if I’m not coercing my introverted friends into joining my escapades or attempting to merge on Sydney roads without crying, you’ll catch me scouring flights for my next holiday. Shopping is my second nature, right after charming anyone with a pulse. Let me echo the sentiments of my accountant, who dreads tax season due to the plethora of seemingly irrelevant purchases I accumulate throughout the year, believing they qualify as write-offs, “Jo, you’re undoubtedly every salesman’s dream and every financial advisor’s nightmare”.
Indeed, I indulge in shopping more than saving, but isn’t that what your twenties are all about? Making unnecessary purchases and unwittingly getting entangled in what later turns out to be a pyramid scheme?

I embody the essence of an extrovert – I can engage in conversation with anyone about anything. In my perspective, I envision myself as a social media star, a claim that my Instagram followers can undoubtedly attest to. In emulating the trajectory of a celebrity, I have a strong inclination towards life’s more refined aspects, encompassing travel, arts, films, books, celebrity gossip, expensive wine and even embarking on courses without a concrete plan for their future use, such as my enduring and challenging scuba diving instructor course. Challenges are my forte, and no dream is too colossal for me. Did I mention my ambitious plans of hosting my own TV talk show and penning a best-selling book?

As much as it may seem like self-obsession, it’s all just part of the show. Behind the curtain, I’m a hardworking, dedicated dreamer with aspirations as vast as my smile. Raised by an Indian naval officer and a nurturing homemaker, I’m driven by a desire and discipline to serve and make a positive impact on the world. This passion translates into my commitment to volunteer work with NGOs, particularly those focused on women empowerment and adolescent education in rural Indian villages. While I’m out making a difference in people’s lives, my younger sister is doing the same for the animals of Hyderabad, our hometown. Together, we strive to leave fragments of ourselves in every corner we touch.

I’m hesitant to continue discussing my personal identity and feel it’s time to shift the focus to my professional endeavours. Having already consumed a significant portion of my allotted words on self-description, I must admit, I seldom pass up the chance to share anecdotes about myself – it serves as good practice for my talk show.

What keeps me busy at LGP?

I am certain half of you already want to buy my unwritten book, all thanks to the one thing I do best, marketing. I am the Marketing & Sales Officer for the training division of LGP, LG training Academy. I am currently busy trying to make us the next LinkedIn star while building our LGTA Capability Development Forums. As we expand the lists of the various accredited and non-accredited courses we offer, it is my role to work on the business development and branding of the division. I hit the jackpot with my team who is ever so helpful and kind in this new adventure of mine.

How do I make a difference at LGP?
  • I work on the business development aspect of LGTA by maintaining an in-depth understanding of LGTA’s value proposition and communicating with stakeholders. I assist with organizing business development meetings, activities and events to promote LGTA services.
  • I look after data management analysis by carrying out market and CRM data analysis to identify new business opportunities, including growth areas, trends, customers, partnerships, products and services – or new ways of reaching the existing market.

I focus on communication, customer service and administration by creating and disseminate LGTA messaging through different forums including social media platforms.

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