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Introducing Jerram Fairclough

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Introducing Jerram Fairclough

Who am I?

Raised in Western Sydney where my parents met after moving from their home countries (Ireland, and Papua New Guinea), I am the youngest of three boys. With a constant need to be in the thick of the action, I moved to Kings Cross in 2017 where (despite inflation) I still thoroughly enjoy living.

My natural propensity to socialise often sees me attending brunches, weekends away with friends, and tearing up the occasional dance floor. Believing that balance is key, I recharge my social battery through studying (currently 50% of the way through my MBA), origami, and buying plants that I simply do not have space in my apartment for. Post-covid and faced with a slowing metabolism I joined the gym and whilst it’s not a “hobby” as such, I do enjoy seeing the results and staying fit.

How do I make a difference at LGP?

I work to make a difference at LGP through supporting my colleagues towards achieving a wide range of goals and targets both professionally and personally. I also operate as the voice for councils in the western region to ensure that their needs are heard and recognised by the business.

What keeps me busy at LGP?

Primarily, assisting 46 councils and their respective ROCs/JOs to achieve their organisations’ strategic goals and targets. I work to train councils in my region on how to use LGP contracts, products, and services to facilitate their procurement processes’ and achieve meaningful results for their LGA’s.

Internally, I am part of the LGP Social Committee where we coordinate all of LGP’s internal social events and support multiple charities through taking part in initiatives such as Steptember, and Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.


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