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Introducing Conor Duffy

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Introducing Conor Duffy

Who am I?

I come from a small Irish seaside town called Rush which is in North County Dublin. I moved to Sydney in February 2023 and like most Irish here, I have settled down in the Eastern Suburbs, making Bondi Beach my new home.

Since arriving last year, I have travelled to Perth, Margaret River, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and more recently Wellington, New Zealand where my brother and nephew live.

This year I was granted a 2-year sponsored visa, so I am now planning for the long term down under and will continue planning trips this side of the world.

In my spare time you will mostly see me on the beach or out trying a new restaurant or bar. I love watching most sports, Basketball, F1, Boxing/UFC, but most of all Football, and I am a huge Chelsea fan….unfortunately.

Professionally, I have been a Project Manager for the last 10 years coming from a background in Technology & Digital Healthcare, so joining Local Government Procurement was definitely new territory for me at the time.

What keeps me busy at LGP?

As a Project Manager, my days typically consist of many meetings for various projects. I will usually manage multiple PMO projects of various sizes with different stakeholders across the organisation, so I need to carefully manage project resources and prioritise each task appropriately.

Outside of project meetings, I will be constantly monitoring progress as well as planning, scheduling and preparing various project documentation and reports.

How do I make a difference at LGP?

At LGP I am always looking for ways to contribute to each team and the overall strategic goals of the organisation.

In my first year at LGP, I have delivered multiple projects and am always looking to make a positive contribution by introducing new ideas, systems, or ways of working.

My aim is to continue working on my existing project portfolio which is estimated to deliver huge value and organisational change to LGP once completed, and I will always be looking to take on and lead new projects.

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