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Introducing Bronwyn Challis

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Introducing Bronwyn Challis

Who am I?

I grew up in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney, where I lived until moving to Lismore in the early 2000s to finish my degree. I loved living there but moved back to Sydney to get married and have children. About 10 years ago we decided to take the plunge and move back to the far north coast, where we have lived ever since.

As any working parent can relate, I don’t get a lot of time to pursue my hobbies but I do love hiking, gardening and playing soccer. Two things that bring me great joy in life are listening to my son play piano and making delicious meals from things straight from my garden. I started playing soccer as a teenager when it wasn’t really a thing girls did, and I am now playing with girls whose mums are younger than me! I hope to one day to be the oldest registered female in NSW which means I might have to keep playing for another 30 years.

What keeps me busy at LGP?

As Head of Business Development, I lead a team who is 100% focused on meeting our customers’ needs. I also look after the northern region councils, ensuring they have all the information they need to take full advantage of all the products and services that LGP offers. I love getting out and meeting with our council customers and helping them to overcome their challenges, whether that’s assisting with the development of a procurement strategy, running information sessions for staff, helping them to meet their sustainability objectives, or whatever else they need.

I also advocate on behalf of our customers internally, ensuring that our products and services are meeting councils’ needs.

How do I make a difference at LGP?

I have an achievement mindset and a willingness to challenge the status quo with the objective of working with others to reach the best solution for whatever problem we are trying to solve.

I try to remember to step outside my comfort zone to push my own personal and professional boundaries and encourage and support others to do the same.

I aim to bring the best version of myself to work everyday for the benefit of myself, my colleagues and my customers.

Please connect with me via LinkedIn or via email.

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