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Introducing Ayesha Huq

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Introducing Ayesha Huq

Who am I?

I am originally from Bangladesh; lived half my life there, moved to the UK for 5 years to attend Uni, and finally moved to Sydney in 2011 with my husband and first-born son. We now have one more boy, and the two brothers are totally different from each other, always in opposite moods. So, it is always fun and games in my world!

As a family (nuclear and extended), we love cricket. Any format of the game happening anywhere in the world, we are hooked to the tv! We will also take up any opportunity to travel to a country and watch a live game from the stadium.

I enjoy listening to music and cooking. I love using recipes that have a creative twist, or a beautiful backstory; and have been passed down from generations. I find cooking therapeutic! Especially after a busy day, with my favourite songs playing in the background.

My other hobbies include reading historical fiction novels and watching period drama. I love spending quality time with my friends and family. Even though I do not have a huge social circle, I am a fiercely loyal person, and people I am close to will vouch for that.

Among all that I do, being a mother to my two boys is what I enjoy the most!

What keeps me busy at LGP?

Nowadays I am busy improving and building a profile for our Program Management Office. We are working on a project management framework pr the organisation which will include templates and processes that can be used in each phase of a project. As a PMO, we also provide guidance across the business to effectively plan and deliver projects incorporating best practice. We welcome new ideas and look forward to turning them into impactful business as usual activities. We are a small team with a lot of passion for project management and big dreams for LGP.

How do I make a difference at LGP?
  • I support the organisation in driving key strategic initiatives.
  • I work with people across the business and outside the business on project matters.
  • I focus on bringing project management excellence to LGP by leveraging best practices, keeping scope, time, budget, risks, and quality at the forefront of my mind always.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.


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