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Influencing Positive Change

Influencing Positive Change – Have Your Say In the Next CRG White Paper

In October 2021 LGP’s Customer Reference Group (CRG) released a white paper titled Challenges of Innovative Projects and/or Preferential Treatment Under the Tendering Process in NSW Local Government with the aim of influencing positive change. The CRG is ready to commence a new white paper but would first like feedback on topical subjects which could benefit our sector. Listed below are the options under consideration. Please let us know the topic that you think is currently the most important to procurement in local government. There may also be an opportunity to be part of the project team. If you would like to participate in the development of the white paper, please let us know.

The shortlisted topics are:
• Circular economy and procurement (CRG preference)
• Improved supply chain reliability through local content (including local preference policy and local supply)
• Resilience in procurement and procurement lessons learnt from the fires and the floods
• Electric vehicles and EV infrastructure (eg electricity infrastructure doesn’t support EV charging)

The project team roles available include:
• Author – propose, research and write content for specific sections.
• Peer Review Team – review content and provide editing and technical feedback.

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