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Helpful Tips to Engage LGP Contracts on VendorPanel – Tip 8

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Helpful Tips to Engage LGP Contracts on VendorPanel – Tip 8

Hello, and thanks for joining me once again.

Last time, we covered how to finalise your request and, at this point, the VendorPanel side of your RFQ is now complete! The next few things to consider with your RFQ are documentation, disclosure requirements & any last steps.

How does your council execute a contract with a supplier?

Formal Instruments of Agreement
  • A Formal Instrument of Agreement is sign off between both Council & Supplier and is used to execute a contract between council and the successful supplier.​This applies in more complex arrangements e.g.: Consulting and construction or ongoing arrangements. ​
  • Refer to your Council’s Procurement Guidelines to determine if you need​ to execute a contract with the successful Supplier.​
  • The Formal Instrument of Agreement needs to refer to the LGP Client Contract as the contract Terms & Conditions. Check the LGP Standing Offer Deed for more details.
  • The Instrument of Agreement is a document detailing the agreement between the two parties & is legally binding​.
  • Once the Instrument of Agreement is created, you must send a copy to the successful Supplier for signatures​.
  • The Council officer with the appropriate financial delegation must countersign​.
  • Both parties must sign this document​.
  • Then send a copy (signed by both parties) to your Supplier for reference and include a copy in your council’s document management system.
Disclosure Requirements
  • GIPAAstands for Government Information (Public Access) Act.​
  • Falls under NSW Government legislation and was designed to promote an “open, accountable, fair & effective” Government by giving members of the public access to Government information.​
  • Contracts over $150K must be registered on your GIPAA contract register.
  • Every Council has a contract register.​
  • Talk to your Records or Procurement team if you have any questions.
  • Once this last step has been completed, you have successfully evaluated your RFQ & awarded a contract to a Supplier.​
  • Ensure the communications & documents are compliant with your Council’s Procurement Policy ​and that you have covered off your legal obligations.
  • It is now time to raise a Purchase Order for your goods, works or services.​

For June, to tie up the end of the financial year I’m going cover off all the tips & tricks we’ve learned along the way. If you have any time saving tips, or pain points – please get in touch!

To read our 3 guides to using LGP Contracts & VendorPanel or to register for a VendorPanel training session please see the inks below:
How Do I Get A Quote? – Local Government Procurement (lgp.org.au)

Next VendorPanel Online Training Sessions:
  • Wednesday, Aug 14th, 2pm-2:45pm / Registration link here.
  • Thursday, Nov 7th, 2pm-2:45pm / Registration link here.

Send me an email.

See you next month!


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