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Helpful Tips to Engage LGP Contracts on VendorPanel – Tip 5

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Helpful Tips to Engage LGP Contracts on VendorPanel – Tip 5

Hello all & welcome back!

A quick recap, or if you have just joined us, we have been completing an RFQ in VendorPanel using the Request Wizard (after a brief introduction to VendorPanel.) So far, we have entered the request name, selected our approved suppliers to contact and filled in some details around our request.

Without further ado, let’s continue our RFQ & complete the Request Wizard.

Add your criteria or questions:

Here is your chance to ask any questions of the suppliers that you would like to.

Add them in one at a time. You can mark these as mandatory if you wish. Ensure you ask all the questions you will need to properly assess each supplier’s ability to provide the required goods/works/services.


Add in any files relevant to your purchase or project. These will be made available to the Approved Contractors when the RFQ is released. You can also attach the Request for Quotation template if you wish. Files can be of any format and may be documents, images, maps, charts or anything else you need.


You can specify if you would like approved contractors to provide a total cost when responding.

Assign an estimated value* and choose whether to disclose this. There may be times when it is a good idea to disclose the Estimated Value For example, if you have a fixed budget, you need the suppliers to work within.

*If you are unsure of the estimated value of your project or request, please select the first option: “Up to 2,500”.

Insert the Budgeted Value for your project. Note, that this is not disclosed to the approved contractors.


Add Submission Dates:

Choose when you would like the RFQ to go live, your closing date & lastly how long you expect the evaluations will take at your Council.

The last step is to choose your evaluation method. Quick Select (Yes or No) or will you use an Evaluation Matrix?

Save & Post:

We are almost done, I promise! The last few things to consider are a Supplier Query Cut-Off Period (the time from which suppliers can no longer ask questions) and if you would like to remain anonymous to suppliers for this request.

Once decided press “Post Request”

One final confirmation and you will have completed the RFQ process.

Your RFQ will now be sent out to your selected suppliers on your designated open date.

Next time I will show you how to see the progress of your responses, and the next step, which is evaluating the responses that suppliers send back.

Tip:   Click the My Requests drop down and click Manage Request Templates.


Send me an email at [email protected]

See you next month!


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