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Helpful Tips to Engage LGP Contracts on VendorPanel

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Helpful Tips to Engage LGP Contracts on VendorPanel

Hello, it is July already & the new financial year is underway. For the final instalment in this series on using VendorPanel & LGP Contracts I wanted to recap the discoveries & tips we’ve shared along the way.

VendorPanel has a dedicated Help Centre, use the logo located top right of the screen:

Clicking here will take you to the page where you can search for a variety of articles, guides & instructions.

Can’t find what you are looking for? There is a live chat with the team at VendorPanel, click the help bubble:

Hovering over any of the blue circles with the white question marks will tell you what a particular button or field can help you achieve:

Always use LGP Approved Suppliers – these suppliers have gone through a process as part of their onboarding including agreeing to & signing the Standing Offer Deed. You can’t engage non LGP Approved Suppliers under LGP contracts or terms & conditions.

Use the RFQ & Evaluation Matrix Wizard in VendorPanel to make life easier.

Start your RFQ by selecting “Create a new Request” from the My Requests tab.


Using VendorPanel for your RFQs will provide you with a downloadable record of all details of your request, perfect for audits & extracting for your contract and document management systems.

  1. Click the “Magnifying Glass” icon to preview the request.
  2. Click the “Green People” icon to view the responses you’ve received.
  3. Click the “File” icon to see the attachments uploaded to the request.
  4. Click the “Download” to download everything to do with this request (zip file.)
  5. Click the “Graph” icon to view the statistics relating to your request.

As per the below image, this includes:

  • the date the supplier was notified.
  • the date they first read the response.
  • the status of response.

Did you know by clicking on the ellipsis to the right of your RFQ that you can:

Transfer an RFQ to another user in Council if you are going on leave?

  • Edit to extend your decision date​
  • Hide the RFQ from your homepage​
  • Create a template from your RFQ ​
  • Change your evaluation method​
  • Continue onto finalise your request


Never evaluated an RFQ? Read on. Click the Access Responses button to view the details of the Supplier submissions. Until you do this your RFQ will remain LOCKED as per the below.

Please note, & as mentioned above, you cannot reopen the request once you unlock responses. You cannot reverse this once you’ve unlocked the responses as this finalises the response submission stage.

Lastly, remember to FINALISE your RFQ in VendorPanel.


Click the link below to find our 3 guides on using LGP Contracts & VendorPanel:

How Do I Get A Quote? – Local Government Procurement (lgp.org.au)

Next VendorPanel Online Training Sessions:

Wednesday, Aug 14th, 2pm-2:45pm / Registration link here.

Thursday, Nov 7th, 2pm-2:45pm / Registration link here. 

Thanks for reading & if you have any comments or questions, send me an email at [email protected]

Next month I’ll be starting a new series to keep you all informed about all things LGP. Stay tuned!

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