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Get Your Facilities Ready In Time For Summer

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Get Your Facilities Ready In Time For Summer

Did you know that LGP’s contracts are vast and varied to cover your council’s summer requirements?

Summer is at hand and it’s time to get your Swimming Pools, Parks and buildings ready while keeping pests away.

Did you know that the Minor & Major Civil Works Including Construction Materials – LGP420 is so vast and varied to cover all your council’s summer requirements?

This contract has been enhanced with a wider range of suppliers to provide labour, material and equipment necessary to carry out works and services associated with all aspects of minor and major civil works including the supply, transportation and disposal of construction material.

This contract can assist councils with:
•Swimming Pool and Reservoir Construction
•Upgrade playgrounds
•Water, Wastewater Treatment and Distribution
•Bulk Construction and Landscape Materials
•Landscaping Works
•Fix roads
•Improve drainage systems
•Secure hardware for repairs
•Disposal of waste
•Site Preparation and Construction Works
•Road Construction Works
•Drainage Construction
•Marine and Coastal Construction
•Building Construction Minor Works and Services
•Transportation and Disposal of Waste, including Contaminated Materials
•Recycled or Re-Purposed Discarded Construction Materials
•Other Minor and Major Civil Works

To view the suppliers on this panel, Click here.

Horticulture, Pest, Pool and Water Management LGP 408-4

With swimming pools being widely used during summer, this contract can assist councils with all pool treatment requirements.

Services you can procure:

• Swimming Pool Treatment
• Water Treatment
• Services; Testing and Consultation
• Services; Application
• Services; Chemical Training, Assessment and Auditing
• Fertilisers
• Herbicides
• Insecticides
• Fungicides
• Wetting Agents
• Adjuvants
• Seed

For more details on what each category includes, please click here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Business Development Manager.

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