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From the CEO’s Desk

Welcome to 2023 and a Happy New Year to you all.

We here at LGP hope that you all had a lovely break and managed to get to come back into 2023 refreshed and relaxed.

In 2023 we will release new contracts, present new training solutions and launch new services under LGP Consulting. As we take stock on the first half of FY23, I note our suppliers are sending through spend data that shows some significant activity by our councils.

Our Roads contract is currently supporting record levels of engagement, which we hope is LGP suppliers working with councils to repair their roads after all the rain and flooding during 2022. The Traffic Management contract by association to the roadwork activity is also being well utilised by councils. We also note the lift in interest from our Leasing contract supported by Vestone Capital, there is a noted lift in engagement here as well.

While I am on contracts, I would like to thank all councils supporting us in the Microsoft Licencing Refresh project, we continue to navigate our best oath to deliver savings under the next arrangement. Those outcomes will be known in March and will be shared with those participating at that time.

Similarly, I thank those councils who are working with us on their energy contracts. As we all know the energy market today is a very tricky and volatile space. Out team is doing all we can, with who can, to make sure we are proving energy supply and price certainty in any of our new contracts.

In terms of what to look forward to from LGP, we will be announcing the next release of funds under out Procurement Capability Grant Program. Our first-round last year was a resounding success, we are very keen to do it again, please keep following this newsletter for more information.

Councils have an obligation to state in their FY23 Annual Report the steps taken to detect and prevent Modern Slavery in their supply chains. The LGP Consulting team are already working with a large number of councils to help them start taking steps and ensuring their FY23 Annual Report reflects a demonstrated commitment to this practice.

Over the last six months we have had some healthy churn in our business. Whilst we thank and wish all the very best to those people who have moved on, I am very excited about those we have promoted into new roles, and the people we have subsequently brought into LGP. This will bring new people to new roles which creates great new opportunities for all.

More broadly on events, thank you to all those who attended our Procurement and Engineering Network Meetings, and our IT Networking Meetings at the end of last year. The 2023 LGP events program is full, beginning at the end of March where we once again maintain our commitment to bring events to regional NSW.

We have 9 events this year, beginning in Tamworth on 30th March. Then we go visit Greater Hume, Dubbo, Goulburn and Port Macquarie. Of course, we have our usual Sydney events with the pinnacle being our 2023 Annual Conference on 17th & 18th October, again at Doltone House, Pyrmont Island.

Thank you,
Luke Kenny

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