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From the CEO’s Desk

LGP is pleased to announce that on Thursday the 15th of May we open Release 3 of LGP’s Procurement Capability Grant Program for NSW local government.  LGP has committed up to $150,000 to be distributed to projects valued from $3,000, up to a maximum of $25,000.

Our Grant Program has been designed to remove the barrier of funding for procurement capability development projects and unlock projects previously considered not possible.  This innovative program aims to:

  • Encourage councils to assess key areas of improvement and define impactful initiatives that advance their capability in procurement practice.
  • Motivate collaboration between councils, ROCs and JOs who now have a reason to partner on submissions that delivers procurement leadership.
  • Balance up LGP’s annual financial returns to the sector, giving regional and rural councils who receive significantly lower annual LGP rebates a new funding source to access.
  • Generate fantastic stories of achievement, a condition of the program is for each completed project to be published as a case study to lead and inspire others.

The Procurement Capability Grant Program will welcome final submissions received online, via the LGP website by 12th June 2024.  For more information please contact your Business Development Manager, or click here for more details.

Another innovation comes from the Local Government Training Academy (RTO45450), LGP’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO).  We are excited to announce a brand new Dual Diploma.  We have combined our Diploma of Leadership and Management (BSB50420), and Diploma of Business (Operations – BSB50120).

This is a great chance to achieve two qualifications together, with only three additional subject units and a nominal extra fee.  This Double Diploma course has been mapped with the LGNSW Capability Framework.  For more details please click here.

Finally, the 2024 LGP Events Program has us in the region with our Dubbo Network meeting on the 9th of May, then in Wagga Wagga on the 6th of June. To register for these events click here.

A great new feature coming from our events program is our first ‘Lunch & Learn’ hybrid event.  The FOGO Lunch & Learn Event will be delivered both, face to face in the LGP office and online.  Those joining us in the office will enjoy a post event lunch and networking. For more details and how to register please click here.

Thank you,
Luke Kenny

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