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From the CEO’s Desk

Last month we delivered our ESG webinar.  Our newest member in the LGP Consulting Team, Dr Hadi Rezaei Vandchali shared with our large audience examples and benefits of ESG – Environment, Social and Governance as it relates to procurement.  The webinar was a strategy to start bringing a greater sense of awareness towards ESG across procurement functions in councils and hopefully provide ideas on how people can take those important first steps.

Through LGP Consulting we have been leading the NSW local government sector in the adoption of modern slavery risk detection and prevention in procurement.  ESG is the next space we plan to become leaders and enablers for local government.

Speaking of webinars, Bronwyn Challis, LGP’s Head of Business Development sat down one-on-one with our longstanding partner VendorPanel to conduct a webinar to help bust some common myths councils may have in using the VendorPanel system.

Each year LGP has over 2,500 electronic Request for Quotations (RFQ) issued under our contracts by 128 councils across NSW.  We have supported new users of VendorPanel, and collaborated with experienced experts who know how to extract maximum value from the VendorPanel system.  Submitting an electronic RFQ remains the best way to conduct a sound sourcing process, and leverage maximum value from LGP contracts.

Would you like to watch the webinar? Please Click Here.

LGP’s innovative Procurement Capability Grant Program is gearing up again.  Release 3 has benefitted from a 50% uplift in allocated funding.  We are now entering the planning stage and we once again want to encourage NSW Councils, ROCs and JOs to start thinking about the projects they would like LGP to consider funding.  Our latest release was over-subscribed with the strongest submissions winning their funding requests.  If you can show us the compelling procurement capability benefits and enhancements from your new initiative, then we would love to see your application.  Stay tuned for more details in the coming weeks on when Release 3 will open.

Excitingly, our first network meeting for 2024 is in Armidale on Thursday 7th of March, then we are in Cessnock on the 21st.  Our line-up of speakers includes various council case studies, where we get to hear great success stories from across our sector.  We again have Origin as our valued sponsor and this year they are bringing electric vehicles on-site to all our 2024 network meetings.  Everyone who attends the network meeting can get up close and experience what is inevitably the future of transport, and the vehicles that will make up future fleets for councils.

We hope to see you there, click here to register your spot.

Thank you,
Luke Kenny

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