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From the CEO’s Desk

We are coming to the final quarter of the 2024 financial year which has LGP drawing close to the end of the first year of our 2023-2026 strategic plan.  Let me outline some of what we will be delivering from our five strategic pillars which you will see impacting our work together in the future.

Under our Sustainability Pillar as a business LGP is working to understand the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and set targets for us to achieve.  This will have the LGP business model, even though it is quite small, we can say we are doing our bit towards the Sustainable Development Goals through our work in government procurement.

People at LGP are our greatest asset.  Therefore, it is no surprise we have a dedicated pillar to People.  This team is working on how we attract and develop our next generation of talent.  We are also looking at future skills we need to be acquiring to make sure LGP is evolving, and lifting the value we can deliver for councils and our key stakeholders.

In terms of technology, we want to build on our data and business intelligence work to date.  We will be assessing and introducing technology that will help us automate repetitive manual process, so we can provide faster and better service internally, and externally.

Helping us with process will be our pursuit of ISO9001, a quality standard we are now actively working towards achieving during the life of this strategic plan.  It will help LGP find new ways to not only improve process, but it will also improve the quality of our products and help us meet and exceed our customer service standards.

Finally, to help grow our business our strategic plan has us looking for new markets inside the local government sector.  Researching the future needs of NSW councils and positioning LGP as the enabler and solution for when those needs become a strategy that needs to be actioned.  We can extend our consulting and training capabilities across all councils in Australia, and with other industries.  Our research activity is now looking for new ways for us to grow.

Throughout this year, and in 2025 you will progressively see evidence of our work to deliver this strategy.  We have our five pillar teams running with cross-functional representation who are keenly supported by the LGP Board.

Moving away from our high-level strategy direction and looking at our more immediate work to build sector capability.  Local Government Training Academy, our Registered Training Organisation (RTO) are running a series of Capability Forums.

Our next Forum is in Tamworth on Wednesday 10th April, then we are in Dubbo on Wednesday 15th May.  For council people they are free to attend, you can click here to register.

Finally, for those attending the IPWEA State Conference in the Hunter Valley on April 10, please come visit our stand.  We also look forward to having Bronwyn Challis and Candice Galvez presenting some thought-provoking concepts on tendering for all our engineers and infrastructure specialists on Day 1 of the event.

Thank you,
Luke Kenny

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