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Reduce risk, cost and time while increasing efficiency and outcomes in your procurement process.


To assist with your council’s energy, heavy vehicles, roadworks and hardware requirements, LGP would like to remind you of our contract panels that would reduce risk, cost and time and increase efficiency and outcomes.

Energy Services – LGP319

This panel would provide the ability for councils to comply with the Government Resource Efficiency program (GREP) through reduced energy consumption and the increased use of renewable energy through the installation of solar panels and batteries.

 Services available under this panel are:

  • Detailed Facility Study Agreement (DFS).
  • Energy Performance Contract (EPC).
  • Energy Design and Implementation Contract (EDIS).
  • Solar PV and batteries.
  • Lighting and lighting controls (internal only).

To view the approved contractors on this panel please click here.

Trucks for Local Government (Aust.) – NPN04-13

This contract enables council officers to access goods and services of quality truck providers from their local dealers without the need for further tendering.

Scope of requirements included in this contract:
  • Light Rigid
  • Hybrid – Light Rigid
  • Medium Rigid
  • Hybrid – Medium Rigid
  • Heavy Rigid
  • Prime Movers

For more information on the scope of this contract, refer to the Part D Specification in the Standing Offer Deed, available via LGP’s e-quotation system VendorPanel.

Bitumen, Emulsions and Asphalt Materials and Services – LGP213-2

Find and engage suppliers for both products and services to manage your roadworks.

Scope of this contract:
  • Ex-Bin, Asphaltic Concrete (AC) materials and other associated materials
  • Supply and deliver bulk Cationic Rapid Setting (CRS) grade bitumen emulsion and associated servicing of emulsion vessels.
  • Provide lay of AC services.
  • Provide cold milling of AC and base course services.
  • Provide pavement rejuvenation and/or enrichment services.
  • Provide crack sealing services.
  • Provide stabilisation services.
  • Provide spray sealing services.
  • Road patching services.
  • Concrete pavement repairs.
  • Asphalt mill and fill services provided on a project managed basis.
  • Contractors to provide their full range of services associated with the scope of this contract.

To view the list of approved contractors on this panel click here.

Industrial, Construction, Electrical and General Hardware & Materials – NPN116-2

With an extensive range of industrial, construction, electrical and general hardware material, this contract has you covered for any job.

Scope of this contract:
  • Electrical and lighting (industrial & household).
  • General hardware.
  • Paint, protective coatings and adhesives.
  • Building and construction materials.
  • Hand and power tools (excl. outdoor power equipment).
  • Nursery and garden care.
  • Domestic and retail plumbing supplies.
  • Civil and urban plumbing supplies.

For more information on the scope of this contract, refer to the Part D Specification in the Standing Offer Deed, learn more via LGP’s e-quotation system VendorPanel.

If you have any further questions, please reach out to your Business Development Manager.


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