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Enhance Your Council Operations with LGP’s Efficient Contract Panels

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Enhance Your Council Operations with LGP’s Efficient Contract Panels

Enhance your council’s operations with LGP’s efficient contract panels.

a) modernise your internal audit approach, streamline processes, and deliver actionable insights

b) Office supplies and Janitorial products.

Explore further to understand how these opportunities can positively impact your council’s operations.

Playgrounds, Open Spaces, Modular structures, Exterior Lighting, Recreational and associated Infrastructure LGP 308-3

We are excited to introduce LGP 308-3, a comprehensive contract that provides you with a wide range of supplies to upgrade and enhance your community parks, schools, and public recreational spaces. Whether you are looking to create engaging playgrounds, revamp open spaces, install modular structures, improve exterior lighting, or develop recreational infrastructure, this contract has you covered.

Services you can procure under this contract:
  • Playground, Fitness & Sporting Equipment
  • Outdoor Furniture, Site Fittings, Shelters & Shade Structures
  • Exterior, Outdoor & Urban Lighting
  • Demountable/Modular Buildings, Temporary Structure, Prefabricated Shed Structures & Exterior Restrooms
  • Playgrounds, Skate Parks, Sporting Fields and Bike/Fitness Tracks
  • Public Parklands, Gardens, Wetlands and Foreshores
  • Soft Landscaping & Outdoor Ground Covers
  • Landscape Structures, Fencing, Retaining Walls, Paving & Masonry

To learn more about what each category includes suppliers available through LGP 308-3, please click here.

Debt Recovery Services (LGP109-3)

Looking for a solution to take back control of your financial situation without compromising your credit rating? We understand the challenges that businesses face when dealing with debt recovery. Our Debt Recovery Services offer a wide range of solutions to assist you in resolving your outstanding debts and achieving financial stability.

Deliverables under this contract: 
  • Category 1: Debt Recovery Services
  • Category 2: Preamble
  • Category 3: General
Internal Audit and Management Consulting Service (LGP 218)

Our comprehensive Internal Audit Services Contract, designed to provide councils with access to a wider range of skilled service providers on a cost-effective basis. With this contract, you can establish effective Audit, Risk, and Improvement Committees, ensuring the highest standards of governance and compliance within your organisation.

Our Internal Audit Services Contract offers a one-stop shop for accessing appropriately skilled consultants who can support your internal audit function and provide valuable management consultancy services as required. Here’s how our contract can benefit council:

The services available under this panel are: 
  • Risk Services
  • Management Consultancy Services.
Risk Services include: 
  • Examination of evidence and independent assessment of effectiveness of risk management, internal controls and governance processes
  • Focus on efficiency, effectiveness and improvement of processes and practices
  • Compliance audits, performance audits, specialist or generalist information technology audits, specialist or generalist work health safely audits, environmental audits, financial audits etc.
Management Consultancy Services include: 
  • Consultancy, advisory and related professional activities.

To view the list of approved contractors under this contact, click here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Business Development Manager.


To view all LGP Contracts, please visit our website.


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