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Data Driven Decision-Making

Do you know how your council spends money?

Do you know how many suppliers are used to provide the exact same service or goods?

Do you know where your council spends the most amount of money?

  • is it on goods or services less than $50,000; or
  • is it on goods or services less than $150,000; or
  • is it on goods or services over $150,000?

Data Driven decision-making is the smart and effective way to save money and find efficiencies.

After running the same tender over and over, after using the same dependable suppliers over and over, where are we going to find the next level of savings?

LGP’s DASH, “Data And Spend Help”, will take your data, cleanse it, and produce easy to understand and easy to use dashboards.


Data is displayed in ways that can easily be added to executive reports and helps you make procurement recommendations.

Why not use this opportunity and apply for the LGP Capability Grant Fund to get your first year funded and start you off on your 3-year journey?

To know more, please contact your Business Development Manager or email for more information.


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