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Click here for access to the VendorPanel™ site

High Level Overview

VendorPanel™ is a web portal by which Local Government customers can either purchase direct from a schedule of rates contract or obtain quotes from LGP quotation based contracts efficiently and securely.

Using VendorPanel™ provides you with a complete end to end process incorporating good governance and best practice.  Transparency is provided to all parties when calling quotations, evaluating the responses and notifying suppliers of the outcome in the one portal.

It also provides access to additional information such as Insurance details, web links, and company profiles, all regularly updated by the contractors themselves and verified by LGP.

View the VendorPanel™  explainer video below for more information on how easy it is to use the system.

You can self register here for VendorPanel™ or you can request a personal invitation by contacting your LGP Business Manager.

Once you are registered in VendorPanel™, there is an FAQ section and short video tutorials which should answer all your questions, including, in particular, how to post a request for quote.  If these do not answer your questions, please contact your LGP Business Manager.