How to Make a Purchase/EOI/RFQ

Buyers choosing to purchase from LGP contracts should be aware that these contracts are established by a ‘prescribed’ body. The specifications for each contract that suppliers have entered into are binding arrangements that include the process for engagement. LGP invests much time at the implementation of each new contract to ensure that suppliers are aware and understand how the engagement process will work. This then sets the scene for suppliers and their expectations of how customers will be engaging them under an LGP contract.

Buyers must also ensure that they familiarise themselves with the contract terms and conditions applying to the LGP contract they wish to purchase under. These are available under the current contracts secure section. Not following the contract terms and conditions would arguably mean the buyer was purchasing under some other arrangement.

There are two main methods of engagement under LGP arrangements;

  1. Direct purchasing, where there is a fixed pricing structure; and
  2. Seeking quotations via VendorPanel for contracts that have base pricing but not final pricing and where Buyers require volume, custom or complex projects to be quoted.

Where the engagement process requires use of Vendor Panel and a panel contract exists, LGP recommends Buyers seek at least three quotations.

Click here for access to the VendorPanel™ site

Tips for creating Quotations on VendorPanel™:

  • Keep it simple – remember its not a tender (if adding a quotation as a document, a guide is 1 to 5 pages, depending on complexity);
  • Obtain three or more quotes where possible to ensure market competition;
  • The Status of contractors’ Insurance requirements is available in VendorPanel™. Insurance certificates are self managed by contractors.;
  • Do not attach your standard Council terms and conditions – LGP’s are already in place (refer to the contract terms and conditions); and
  • Additional terms and conditions may be added – seek LGP approval first.

View the VendorPanel™  explainer video below for more information on how easy it is to use the system.