Current Tenders

T5.07-4 Library Books, Resource Materials and Furniture

Local Government Procurement (LGP) has completed the evaluation process for the T5.07-4 Library Books, Resource Materials and Furniture released on 22 September 2020.

LGP intended to appoint a panel of successful tenderers for the purposes of the above Request for Tender.  Accordingly, LGP has accepted offers from the following tenderers:

  1. ACBS Library Services Pty Ltd
  2. ALS Library Services Pty Ltd
  3. Aussie Global Books Pty Ltd
  4. Campion Education (Aust.) Pty Ltd
  5. Caval Limited
  6. CEI Pty Limited t/as Raeco
  7. EducationalGroup Pty Ltd
  8. Global Language Books Pty Ltd
  9. James Bennett Pty Ltd
  10. Kairos International Pty Ltd
  11. Keith Ainsworth Pty Ltd
  12. KL Media Pty Ltd t/as All Access Australasia
  13. Library AV & Large Print Pty Limited
  14. LOTE Libraries Direct Pty Ltd
  15. MDM Entertainment Pty Ltd
  16. Northmaze Pty Ltd t/as Dymocks Parramatta & Dymocks Warringah Mall
  17. Mecks No. 2 Pty Ltd ATF The Lugton Family Trust t/as Peter Pal Library Supplier
  18. Essandem Pty Ltd ATF The Reed Trading Trust t/as Resource Furniture
  19. Sound Text Media Pty Ltd
  20. Storytime PODs Pty Ltd
  21. Ulverscroft Australia Pty Ltd
  22. Wavesound Pty Ltd

NPN1.16-2 Industrial, Construction, Electrical, Domestic, Urban & Civil Consumables, General Hardware & Materials

The National Procurement Network (NPN) has appointed Local Government Procurement (LGP) to tender on behalf of Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) and Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) representing Local Government in New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania respectively. There will be one tender process to coordinate the needs of three States.

The scope of requirements includes but is not limited to the supply of:

  • Requirement 1: Paint and Protective Coatings and Adhesives
  • Requirement 2: Electrical and Lighting (Industrial & Household)
  • Requirement 3: General Hardware
  • Requirement 4: Building and Construction Materials
  • Requirement 5: Hand and Power Tools (excludes Outdoor Power Equipment)
  • Requirement 6: Nursery and Garden Care (excludes Herbicides and Pesticides)
  • Requirement 7: Domestic and Retail Plumbing Supplies
  • Requirement 8: Pipes, Pumps, Fittings and Fixtures for Urban and Civil Plumbing

Obtaining Documentation:  Tender documents may be obtained by registering via the E-Tendering Portal:  If you experience difficulties accessing the above website please call the eProcure helpdesk on 1800 377 628.  Note that the Tender documents are expected to be available from Tuesday 2 February 2021.

Interested parties may pre-register immediately (in which case they will be notified by email as soon as the tender documents become available) or may register and download the documents at a later date.

Requests for General Information Regarding the Tender:  Please contact Candice Galvez, via email: or alternatively on 02 8270 8720.

Deadline:  Tender closes at:

2.00pm - 5 March 2021– Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT)

Lodgement:  Submissions must be lodged in the Electronic Tender Box on this website by the time and date nominated. Late, emailed or facsimiled submissions will not be accepted.

Non-Mandatory Tender Briefing:  A non-mandatory tender briefing will be held via webinar at 10:00am on Tuesday, 9 February 2021. All interested parties are strongly encouraged to participate in this Webinar.  Interested parties should register their participation by completing the online registration form at

Please note that registrations close on Monday, 8 February 2021.

Event/Activity Proposed Date
Issue of RFT 2 February 2021
Closing Date for Tenders 5 March 2021
Evaluation & Selection of Preferred Tenderer(s) 8 - 12 weeks from closing
Report and Recommendation to LGP Board 2 weeks after evaluation
Execution of Deed 4 - 6 weeks from report
Commencement/Implementation 1 July 2021
Initial Completion Date Three (3) years after commencement
Possible Extensions Three (3) terms each  x twelve (12) months


T1.15-2 Stage 1 IT&C Products, Services & Consulting

Local Government Procurement Pty Ltd (LGP) invites tenders for Standing Offers to supply: IT&C Products, Services & Consulting.

The Tender closed at 2:00 pm AEST on Friday 31st July 2020.  

Submissions were received from the following one hundred and eighty three (183) Tenderers:

  1. 4D Global Pty Ltd
  2. 8x8. Inc,
  3. AAM
  4. ac3 The Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications
  5. Acer Computer Australia
  6. ACT Logistics Pty Ltd
  7. AGC Networks Australia Pty Ltd
  8. Aginic Holdings Pty Ltd
  9. Allcom Networks Pty Ltd
  10. Alliance Automation
  11. Anittel Pty Ltd
  12. Aqura Technologies
  13. Arrochar Consulting Pty Ltd
  14. Art of Multimedia Pty Ltd
  15. Arvensys Technologies Pty Ltd
  16. ASI Solutions
  17. Assetic Australia Proprietary Limited
  18. Astron Technology
  19. Aten Systems Pty Ltd
  20. ATI Australia Pty Ltd
  21. Atos Australia
  22. Aurian Security Pty Ltd as trustee for The Aurian Security Unit Trust
  23. Avocado Consulting Pty Ltd
  24. Bendigo Telco Ltd
  25. Blackadder Associates Pty Ltd
  26. Blue Apache Pty Ltd
  27. BMP Tech One Pty Ltd
  28. Bokser Pty Ltd T/As BoxerICT
  29. Callscan Australia Pty Ltd
  30. Capstone Recruitment Group Pty Ltd
  31. Chill IT Pty Ltd
  32. CommsChoice Pty Ltd
  33. Communications Design & Management Pty Limited
  34. Computer One Software (Australia) Pty Ltd
  35. Computer Systems Australia
  36. Computers Now
  37. Content Security Pty Ltd
  38. Converged Communication Network Applications Pty
  39. Countrytell Management Pty Ltd
  40. Crown Cabling Pty Ltd
  41. CYBER-365
  42. Data#3 Limited
  43. Datacom Systems (NSW) Pty Ltd
  44. Datcom Cloud Pty Limited
  45. Dell Technologies
  46. Dialog Pty Ltd (Dialog Information Technology)
  47. DNW Technologies Pty Ltd
  48. Door 3 Consulting Pty Ltd ATF the Gorman Family Trust
  49. DXC Technology Australia Pty Limited
  50. Eclipse Sound and Vision Pty Ltd
  51. Empower Software Solutions
  52. Enigma Business Products
  54. EnvisionWare Pty Ltd
  55. Ericom
  56. Ericom Pty Ltd
  57. EROAD Australia Pty Ltd
  58. Espire Infolabs Pty Ltd
  59. Essential Utilities Corporation Pty Ltd
  60. Ethan Group Pty Ltd
  61. Field Solutions Group Pty Ltd
  1. Fredon Industries Pty Ltd
  2. Freshworks Australia Pty Ltd.
  3. FSA Data
  4. Fuji Xerox Australia
  5. Galapagos Pty Limited T/as Iplatinum Pty Limited
  6. Galaxy 42 Pty Ltd
  7. Gammer Consulting Pty Ltd
  8. GEIS Pty Ltd
  9. Generation-E Productivity Solutions Pty Ltd
  10. GovPartners
  11. GPSI Group Pty Ltd
  12. Hitech Support Pty Limited
  13. HKA Global Pty Ltd
  15. I-Comm Australia Pty Ltd
  16. Iconyx
  17. InfoPAF Pty Ltd
  18. Information Professionals Pty Ltd
  19. Informotion Pty Ltd
  20. Insight Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd
  21. Intelematics Australia
  22. Intellitek Pty Ltd
  23. InterStream Pty Ltd
  24. IPscape Pty Ltd
  25. Q3 Pty Ltd
  26. IT Basecamp Pty Ltd
  27. IT Logic
  28. JB HI-FI Limited
  29. Kalba Australia Pty Ltd
  30. Konverge Pty Ltd
  31. Kyocera Document Solutions Pty Ltd
  32. L G Software Solutions Pty Limited
  33. Landell
  34. Lanluas Consulting Pty Ltd
  35. LBH Partners
  36. Lehr Consultants International (Australia) Pty Ltd
  37. Lenovo (Australian and New Zealand) Pty Ltd
  38. Leonards Advertising
  39. Linktech Australia
  40. Lion Systems Pty Ltd (atf Bartholomew Family Trust)
  41. MAGIQ Software Ltd
  42. ManageNET Pty Ltd
  43. Mark Sercombe & Associates/Technology Risk
  44. Matrix CNI Pty Ltd
  45. MCR Computer Resources Pty Ltd
  46. Mega IT Services Pty Ltd
  47. Meridian IT Australia
  48. Meshed Pty Ltd
  49. MicrotechDPS
  50. Miktysh Solutions
  51. MPA NZ Ltd
  52. My LGN Project Managers Pty Ltd
  53. Naga Group Pty Ltd T/a Techclick
  54. Navman Wireless Australia Pty Ltd T/A Teletrac Navman
  55. Net Communications Pty Ltd
  56. Nexon Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
  57. Now Digital DIGITAL
  58. NTT Australia Pty Ltd
  59. OneWiFi & Infrastructure
  60. OPC IT Pty Limited
  61. Open Office Holdings Pty Ltd
  1. Open Windows Software Pty Ltd
  2. OpenCities Pty Ltd
  3. Optical Terminations
  4. Optus
  5. PaperGiant
  6. Peak Services
  7. Peclet Technology Pty Ltd
  8. Pioneer Computers Australia
  9. Platinum Technology Australia Pty Limited
  10. PM-Partners Group
  11. Power Pacific Enterprises Pty Ltd
  12. Premier Technologies Pty Ltd
  13. PRJ Consulting Pty Ltd T/as 3 Columns
  14. Randstad Pty Ltd
  15. Red 29 Pty Limited
  16. Richo Australia Pty Ltd
  17. Roberts & Morrow Technology
  18. 140 Roswell Consulting
  19. RSM Bird Cameron
  20. S5 Technology Group Pty Ltd
  21. Secure Agility Pty Ltd
  22. Simble Solutions Limited
  23. Simient Pty Ltd
  24. Smarter Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
  25. SoftLabs Pty Ltd
  26. SolOrient Pty Ltd
  27. Spring Digital Pty Ltd
  28. Stark Engineering Consulting Pty Ltd
  29. Storytime PODs Pty Ltd
  30. SureBridge IT
  31. Systemology Australia Pty. Ltd.
  32. Systems Thinking Consulting Pty Ltd
  33. Tech Mahindra Pty Ltd
  34. TEKOI Consulting Pty Ltd
  35. TeleResult Pty Ltd
  36. Telstra Corporation
  37. Terra Firma Pty Ltd
  38. The Missing Link Network Integration Pty Ltd
  39. The Missing Link Security Pty Ltd
  40. The Trustee for ArcBlue Consulting Trust
  41. The Urban Institute
  42. Thomas Duryea Logicalis Pty Ltd
  43. TL Consulting Group NSW Pty Ltd
  44. Toshiba (Australia) Pty Ltd
  45. Total Site Solutions Pty Ltd
  46. TPG Network Pty Ltd
  47. Trillium Software Pty. Limited
  48. Universal Network Technologies Pty Ltd
  49. Uplinx Group Pty Ltd
  50. VendorPanel Pty Ltd
  51. Verser Technology lifecycles
  52. Viatek Technology
  53. Virtual knowledge Pty Ltd
  54. Virtunet Pty Ltd
  55. Vocus Communications Limited
  56. Votar Partners Pty Ltd
  57. Wave1 Pty Ltd
  58. Well Done International
  59. Xcite Audio Visual
  60. Yash Technologies Australia Pty Ltd
  61. Zirilio


An indicative timetable for the conduct of this RFT is described below. 

Event/Activity Proposed Date
Issue of RFT Stage 1 16 June 2020
Briefing Session 1 July 2020
Closing Date for Stage 1 31 July 2020
Evaluation Stage 1 10-12 weeks from closing
Stage 1 Recommendation Report to LGP Board 6-8 weeks after evaluation
Issue of RFT Stage 2 January 2021
Closing Date for Stage 2 October 2021
Evaluation Stage 2 4 weeks from closing
Stage 2 Recommendation Report to LGP Board December 2021
Execution of Deed 10-12 weeks from Recommendation Report
Commencement/Implementation 1 April 2022

Initial Completion Date

2 years after commencement

Possible Extensions

Three (3) terms of twelve (12) months