Local Government Procurement


Pipes, Pipe Relining, Pumps, Water Meters, Pre-cast Concrete Products and Associated Fittings, Products and Services

Contract Term
Three (3) years
Commencement Date
1 September 2016
Expiry Date
31 August 2019
Period of extended term
Two (2) terms each of twelve (12) months
Final Expiry Date
31 August 2021

LGP has appointed the named contractors under a Standing Deed Offer.

LGP Customers accessing the pricing offered under this arrangement will access services/products directly from the contractors.
As the calling of tenders by LGP meets all requirements of the Local Government Act Regulations (and that LGP has achieved Prescription), LGP Customers do not need to independently tender for items purchased under this supply arrangement.

Pricing is available on the website and through quotation from the suppliers and may be subject to variations depending on the contract in place.



  • Urban Water Supply, Incorporating Plumbing and Civil – Pipes, Fittings and Fixtures
  • Water Meters
  • Storm, Waste Water and Sewerage Management – including Concrete Pipes
  • Precast Concrete Products: Bridges, Culverts, Headwalls, Kerb and Guttering
  • Pipe Relining (Non-Domestic)
  • Fire Hydrant, Valves and Hose Reels
  • Pumps
  • Pipes, Fitting and Fixtures for High Pressure Fluids and Gases
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) – Pipes, Fittings and Fixtures (Note : Currently no Approved Contractors have tendered for this category)
  • Associated Products and Services

For more detailed information on the scope of this contract, refer to the Part D Specification in the Standing Offer Deed, learn more via LGP’s e-quotation system VendorPanel. 

LGP Approved Contractors

Name & ACN Status
Abergeldie Rehabilitation Pty Ltd (formerly known Abergeldie Watertech Pty Ltd)ACN 601 658 066Approved
Aqua-tec Fluid Systems PtyACN 94 114 944 026Approved
Cadia Group Pty LtdACN 165 578 156Approved
Capital Precast & Drainage Pty LtdABN 19 940 860 816Approved
Civil Pipe SuppliesABN 196 496 597Approved
Elster Metering Pty LtdACN 004 088 680Approved
HumesACN 099 732 297Approved
Insituform Pacific Pty LtdACN 123 427 305Approved
Interflow Pty LimitedACN 000 563 208Approved
Iplex Pipelines Australia Pty LtdACN 079 613 308Approved
Itron Australasia Pty LimitedACN 002 706 998Approved
KSB Australia Pty LtdACN 006 414 642Withdrawn
McBerns Pty LtdACN 060 984 107Approved
Q-Max Pumping Systems Pty LtdACN 164 437 914Approved
Reliance Worldwide Corporation (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.ACN 004 784 301Approved
Rocla Pty LtdACN 000 032 191Withdrawn
Southern Relining ServicesACN 131 996 346Approved
Taggle Systems Pty LtdACN 126 467 847Approved
Veolia Water Network Services Pty LtdACN 124 372 050Temporarily Suspended
Viadux Pty LtdACN 087 415 745Approved
Vinidex Pty LtdACN 000 664 942Approved
Waeger BridgesACN 110 364 737Approved
Xylem Water Solutions Australia LimitedACN 000 832 922Approved

Approved status on this page indicates that contractors have signed their Standing Offer Deed and are now an LGP Approved Contractor. They will appear in VendorPanel after completion of all activation requirements.

In addition to the LGP approved contractors, selected contractors have nominated Authorised Agents/Subcontractors (includes: Partners/Resellers/Dealers). These are listed under the heading Authorised Agents/Subcontractors (includes: Partners/Resellers/Dealers).


When placing orders, you MUST include the contract number, or you may NOT be covered under the terms and conditions of the LGP contract.

Tendered Rates
Information regarding LGP’s pricing can be found in VendorPanel. Rates located under this tab are generally for low volumes and one off purchases. For large or committed volumes or projects in scope of this contract a Request for Quotation (RFQ) can be requested from contractors on the panel.

Councils should note that LGP panel members update insurance on a cyclical basis. LGP will expedite any outstanding information, but regardless, insurance policies can be cancelled or lapse at any time and councils should always seek confirmation directly from contractors where-ever contract risk is high.

The preferred method of seeking a quote is via VendorPanel. A RFQ template is available to assist with completing a well considered specification. 

For more information on making purchases see our How to Guide.

Forward your purchase order to the contractor including the agreed rate as set out in the price schedule. This should be undertaken in accordance with your organisation’s procurement policy. Ensure that the LGP contract number is included on the purchase order.

The full benefits of a contract can be realised by making a commitment to it.
Commitment can be demonstrated by completing the notice of participation form. This will be used to notify contractors that all purchases made via the approved contractor will be done so under the contract, provided it is within scope.

Note. The Participation Form is not a contract, nor does it lock council into using this arrangement. Council may alter this arrangement at any time.

Yes, via a Nominee Authorisation. Customers may appoint an entity to make purchases from LGP approved contractors on their behalf. These purchases are for goods and/or services that are within scope of the LGP contract and are required for works and services that the entity is undertaking on behalf of the LGP customer.

Please contact your Business Manager for more information and a copy of the authorisation and acceptance form.

Customers will be supplied a tax invoice directly by the contractor. All payments will be made to the contractor in accordance with clause 26.3 of the Standard terms of Contract between a Customer and Contractor (Schedule 5 of the Head Agreement (standing offer deed)) i.e. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a Customer must make such payment by the end of the month following the month of invoice.

Contact the contractor directly. If the issue cannot be resolved, contact your Business Manager.

Notice to Participate

The purpose of this Notice of Participation is to:

• Notify LGP approved contractors of Council’s intention to participate;

• Demonstrate compliance with the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) (Section 55 Tendering);

• Facilitate the ability to track all purchases under the named Local Government Procurement (LGP) contract; and

• Ensure that Council accurately receives any LGP rebate applicable to this contract.

Completion of this form DOES NOT ‘lock’ your Council into a contract. Rather, this Notice of Participation is an instrument used to demonstrate your Council’s intention to purchase goods and/or services under the agreed LGP contractual conditions until otherwise notified.

Please ensure that any Council staff authorised to issue purchase orders are aware of Council’s intention to access this LGP contract and that they are able to access information in order to follow the LGP process.

Overview on how the Notice of Participation operates

Full explanation on how the Notice of Participation operates

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