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Contract Amendments

Contract Amendments – February 2023

LGP115-2 IT&C Products, Services & Consulting

Telstra Limited has made an amendment to Schedule D – Standard Terms between a Customer and the Contractor applying to Categories 1 to 17 of the Standing Offer Deed.

LGP1208-4 Professional Consulting Services

A Prince Consulting Pty Ltd t/as APC Environmental Management has changed its company name to APC Waste Consultants Pty Ltd. LGP confirms that there has been a change to the company ABN and ACN.

City Plan Strategy and Development Pty Ltd t/as Gyde Consulting has changed its company name to Gyde Consulting Pty Limited t/as Gyde Consulting. LGP confirms that there has been no change to the company ABN and ACN.

LGP218 Internal Audit and Management Consulting Services

A special contract extension has been agreed to by the panel and this contract will now conclude on 31 January 2024 or until the scheduled tender is finalised and the new contract commences, whichever is the earliest.

1.BDO Services Pty Ltd
2.Brennan VP Trust & Others ATF VCA Services Pty Ltd t/as Vincents
3.Centium Pty Ltd t/as Centium
4.Findex (Aust) Pty Ltd t/as Crowe Australasia
5.Forsyths Business Services Pty Ltd
6.Grant Thornton Australia Limited
7.InConsult Pty Ltd
9.Morrison Low Consultants Pty Ltd
10.National Audits Group Pty Ltd
11.O’Connor Marsden & Associates Pty Ltd

LGP283 Solar power purchase agreements (PPA’s) – Small

A special extension has been agreed to by the panel and the panel contract has been extended until 1 March 2024.

1.Efficient Homes Australia Pty Ltd
2.KGM Services Pty Ltd
3.Ovida Pty Ltd
4.Perdaman Advanced Energy Pty Ltd
5.Sustainable Business Energy Solutions Pty Ltd t/as AGL Energy Solutions
6.VivoPower Pty Ltd

LGP320 Legal Services

Morrissey Legal Pty Ltd t/as Morrissey Law & Advisory has changed its company name to HL Newcastle Pty Ltd t/as Hamilton Locke. LGP confirms that there has been no change to the company ABN and ACN.

LGP419 Heavy and Other Plant and Equipment

STIHL Pty Ltd has updated its pricing schedule.

Essential Power Systems Pty Ltd (ABN 12 616 168 088 & ACN 616 168 088) has been temporarily suspended from the (LGP419) Plant and Machinery, effective from 21 February 2023. LGP will provide further update, should any change to its suspension status.

LGP719 Media, Advertising and Creative Services

Enterprise Marketing Pty Ltd t/as EM Creative Digital have removed the Professional Indemnity Insurance requirement under the LGP719 contract.

NPN115-2 Specialised Trucks

Paveline International Pty Ltd (ABN 48 098 409 333 & ACN 098 409 333) has withdrawn from the (NPN115-2) Specialised Trucks.

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