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Contract Amendments – May 2024

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Contract Amendments – May 2024

LGP113-2   Traffic Management Services

This special extension will be for a Twelve (12) month period commencing from Sunday, September 1, 2024, to Sunday, August 31, 2025, or until the scheduled tender is finalised, and the new contact commences, whichever is the earliest.

1 Affective Services Australia Pty Ltd 15 Platinum Traffic Services Pty Ltd
2 Ahoy Traffic Control and Labour Hire Services Pty Ltd 16 Roadwork Solutions Pty Ltd
3 Altus Traffic Pty Ltd 17 Roadworx Surfacing Pty Ltd
4 Atlas Traffic Management Pty Ltd 18 Site Group Pty Ltd
5 Cato Logistics Pty Ltd 19 Stop Slow Traffic Control (NSW) Pty Ltd
6 Direct Traffic Pty Ltd 20 The Traffic Marshal Pty Ltd
7 DOB Enterprises Pty Ltd t/as Watchout Traffic Control 21 The Trustee for Guardian Traffic Services Unit t/as Guardian Traffic Services Pty Ltd
8 Evolution Traffic Management Pty Ltd 22 Titanium Traffic Management Pty Ltd
9 Fortade Group Pty Ltd 23 Traffic Control Services Pty Ltd
10 JHA Recruitment & Staff @ Work Pty Ltd t/as Spinifex Recruiting 24 Traffic Logistics Pty Limited
11 Mack Civil Pty Ltd t/as Mack Civil Engineering 25 Traffic NSW Pty Ltd
12 New Start Australia Pty Ltd T/as New Start 26 Twelvethirtyfour Pty Ltd t/as Coast Traffic Solutions
13 Newada Pty Ltd t/as Men And Women At Work 27 Underground Civil Solutions Group Pty Ltd
14 Orbital Traffic Management (Aust) Pty Ltd 28 Workforce Road Services Pty Ltd


LGP114-2   Road and Traffic Signage, Associated Hardware and Roadside Products

Delnorth Pty Ltd have updated their pricing as of May 2024.

Roadside Services and Solutions Pty Ltd have withdrawn from the LGP114-2 panel arrangement.

A special contract extension has been agreed to by the panel and this contract will now conclude on 31 May 2025 or until the scheduled tender is finalised and the new contract commences, whichever is the earliest.

1 All Stake Supply Co Pty Limited
2 Amrod Pty Limited t/as Summit Road Solutions
3 Artcraft Pty Ltd
4 Barrier Signs Pty Ltd
5 Church Communities Australia T/as Danthonia Designs
6 Citiscape Pty Ltd
7 Crown Traffic Solutions Pty Ltd
8 Delnorth Pty Ltd
9 DeNeefe Pty Ltd
10 G&B Services (NSW) Pty Ltd
11 Hunter Valley Signs Pty Ltd T/A HiViS Signs & Safety
12 J Blackwood & Son Pty Ltd t/as Blackwoods
13 Rylepair Pty Ltd
14 Waterproofing Direct Pty Ltd


LGP408-4   Horticultural, Pest, Pool and Water Management

Living Turf have updated their pricing as of May 2024

International Quadratics Pty Ltd have been temporarily suspended from the LGP408-4 panel arrangement, effective 6th May 2024.


LGP420       Minor and Major Civil Works including Construction Materials

Lynch Civil Contractors Pty Ltd have been withdrawn from the LGP420 panel arrangement.


NPN116-2   Industrial, Construction, Electrical, Domestic, Urban & Civil Consumables, General Hardware & Materials

The first extension option available under the contract has been agreed to by the panel and the contract has been extended to 31 July 2025.


1 AC Whalan & Co Pty Ltd 10 Metal Manufactures Limited T/as TLE Electrical, AWM Electrical, Haymans Electrical, MM Electrical, D&W Electrical
2 Aqua Terra Oil and Mineral Services and Supply Company Pty Ltd 11 Ozlite Pty Ltd
3 B & M Industrial Supplies Pty Ltd 12 Reece Australia Pty Ltd
4 Cadia Group Pty Ltd 13 Rexel Holdings Australia Pty Ltd as disclosed agent for Rexel Electrical Supplies Pty Ltd and Australian Regional Wholesaler Pty Ltd
5 Clover Pipelines Pty Ltd 14 Taggle Systems Pty Ltd
6 Gordon Macdonald Pty Ltd 15 Total Tools Commercial Pty Ltd
7 J Blackwood & Son Pty Ltd t/as Blackwoods 16 Vinidex Pty Ltd
8 JAC Pump Services 17 Waterproofing Direct Pty Ltd
9 Lawrence and Hanson Group Pty Ltd

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