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Contract Amendments – May 2023

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Contract Amendments – May 2023

LGP113-2   Traffic Management Services

Traffic Control Services Pty Ltd has updated its pricing schedule.

Atlas Traffic Management Pty Ltd (ABN 78 167 368 498 & ACN 167 368 498) has been temporarily suspended from the LGP113-2 Traffic Management Services effective from 6 April 2023. LGP will provide further update, should any change to this suspension status.

Complete Staff Solutions Pty Ltd (ABN 34 097 574 1710) (ACN 097 574 171) has withdrawn from the Traffic Management Services Panel contract effective from 19 April 2023.

LGP120       Line and Road Marking Works, Associated Hardware and Services

Oz Linemarking (NSW) has updated its Pricing Schedule.

LGP219       Corporate Clothing, Workwear and PPE

The second and final extension option available under the contract has been agreed to by the panel and the contract has been extended to 30 September 2024.

1 Aceit Sportswear Pty Ltd
2 All Trades Group Australia Pty Ltd
3 Allmakes Pty Ltd
4 Alshae Pty Ltd
5 Amare Safety Pty Ltd
6 Ambassador Apparel Group Pty Ltd
7 Aqua Terra Oil and Mineral Services and Supply Company Pty Ltd
8 Ausworkwear & Safety Pty Ltd
9 Bunzl Brands & Operations Pty Limited
10 Cayrol Pty Limited
11 Combined Safety Solutions Pty Ltd ATF the Edge Family Trust
12 G & J Keane Investments Pty Ltd t/as Goodgear Pty Ltd
13 Heffernan & Blacker Pty Ltd
14 HPW Franchising Pty Ltd t/as Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety
15 ITM NSW Pty Ltd
16 J Blackwood & Son Pty Ltd t/as Blackwoods
18 Marque Haus Pty Ltd
19 Onsite Safety Australia Pty Limited
20 Orange Clothing Company Pty Ltd ATF The Orange Clothing Trust
21 Outsource1 Pty Ltd ATF Aplin Business Trust t/as Outsoure1
22 Payless Promotions Pty Ltd
23 Raytec Pacific Agencies Pty Ltd
24 RSEA Pty Ltd
25 SafetyQuip Australia Pty Ltd
26 Signal One Pty Limited
27 Southern Cross Safety & Workwear Pty Ltd
28 Total Image Group Pty Ltd ATF Total Image Group Trust
29 Waterproofing Direct Pty Ltd
30 Winc Australia Pty Limited


LGP308-3   Playgrounds, Open Spaces, Modular Structures, Exterior Lighting, Recreational and Associated Infrastructure

Street Furniture Australia Pty Ltd has updated its pricing schedule.

LGP319       Energy Services

A special contract extension has been agreed to by the panel and this contract will now conclude on 30th June 2024 or until the scheduled tender is finalised and the new contract commences, whichever is the earliest. This extension has also been exercised to align the contract commencement dates with the LGP319 Energy Services contract.

1 3E Net Zero Group Pty Ltd
2 Autonomous Energy Pty Ltd
3 Echo Group Corporation Pty Ltd
4 Figure and Ground Advisory Pty Ltd
5 Home Green Pty Ltd
6 KGM Services Pty Ltd
7 Lowa Projects Pty Ltd
8 Oberix Group Pty Ltd
9 Origin Energy Electricity Limited
10 Perdaman Advanced Energy Pty Ltd
11 Schneider Electric Buildings Australia Pty Ltd
12 Siemens Ltd
13 Suntrix Pty Ltd ATF SunTrust
14 Sustainable Business Energy Solutions Pty Ltd t/as AGL Energy Solutions
15 The Green Guys Group Pty Ltd
LGP419       Heavy Plant and Equipment / Other Plant and Equipment

STIHL Pty Ltd has updated their list of Sub Contractors under LGP419 Panel contract.

PCW Holding Pty Ltd has changed its company name to Pacific Materials Handling Pty Ltd.  LGP confirms that there has been no change to the company ABN and ACN.


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