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Contract Amendments – March 2024

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Contract Amendments – March 2024

LGP1208-4 Professional Consulting Services

Advisian Pty Ltd have changed their business name to Worley Consulting Pty Ltd.  LGP confirm no change to the ABN/ACN change.
CTECS Pty Limited have withdrawn from the LGP1208-4 panel arrangement.
Haskoning Australia Pty Ltd have updated their pricing schedule as of February 2024
The Peron Group has changed its name to Damage Control Project Management Pty Ltd. LGP confirm an ABN/ACN change.

LGP213-3 Bitumen, Emulsions, Asphalt Materials, Linemarking and Services

Accurate Asphalt & Road Repairs Pty Ltd have changed their business name to Accurate Roads Group.  LGP confirm no change to the ABN/ACN change.

LGP308-3 Playgrounds, Open Spaces, Modular Structures, Exterior Lighting, Recreational and Associated Infrastructure

Parkequip Pty Ltd have updated their pricing in February 2024 and do not provide Category 8 – Landscape Structures, Fencing, Retaining Walls, Paving & Masonry.

LGP320 Legal Services

This contract has transitioned to a Dynamic contract and the contract has been extended to 31 January 2031.

1 Bartier Perry Pty Limited
2 CMJ Legal Pty Ltd
3 Commins Hendriks Pty Ltd t/as Commins Hendriks Solicitors
4 HL Newcastle Pty Ltd t/as Hamilton Locke
5 Hunter Councils Legal Services Limited t/as Local Government Legal
6 Jenkins Legal Services Pty Ltd
7 Kell Moore Pty Ltd t/as Kell Moore Lawyers
8 Keystone Lawyers Pty Limited
9 LTL Pty Limited t/as Lindsay Taylor Lawyers
10 Matthews Folbigg Pty Ltd ATF Matthews Folbigg Unit Trust
11 McCabe Curwood Pty Ltd
12 Meyer Vandenberg Pty Ltd
13 No Borders Legal Advocates Pty Ltd t/as NB Lawyers – Lawyers for Employers
14 Partnership of D.R Bedford & Others t/as McCullough Robertson Lawyers
15 Partnership of G.A Atkins & G.T Connellan & J Cooper & L Gardner & S.C Harris & M.J Huckerby & M.J Lee & P McCarthy & R McKenna & S.G O’Sullivan & P.W Utiger & S Wallace & C.A Williams t/as Moray & Agnew Newcastle
16 Partnership of J.B Adam & D.R Baird & G Boundra & G Butterfield & P.J Crttenden & J.H Marsden & T.C Reeve & A.J Seton & J.R Thornton & N Youseff t/as Marsdens Law Group
17 Partnership of LP Aiken & D.J Beer & TD Boyce & GK Brennan & D.J Campbell-Williams & P.N De Haan & M Douglas & D.G Gaszner & M.D George & P.R Grinte & J Howard & P.L LE Guay & K.A Luke & S.J Lyons & Others t/as Thomson Geer
18 Partnership of N.J Abrahams & Others t/as Norton Rose Fulbright Australia
19 Partnership of P.J Chodat & A.R Harper & M.J Hatfield & P.D Magagnino & D.L Potts & M Quintiliani t/as Kells The Lawyers
20 Proximity Advisory Services Pty Ltd
21 Recoveries & Reconstructions (Aust) Pty Ltd
22 Redenbach Group Pty Ltd
23 The Partnership of The Existing Partners stated in the Restated Deed of Partnership t/as Maddocks
24 The Partnership of The Martinez HWL Practice Trust & The East HWL Practice Trust & The Warat HWL Practice Trust & The Martin HWL Practice Trust & Others t/as HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
25 Williams Love & Nicol Pty Ltd ATF WLTB Unit Trust t/as BAL Lawyers
LGP408-4 Horticultural, Pest, Pool and Water Management

PJC Sportsturf Pty Ltd have updated their pricing as of February 2024.

LGP420 Minor and Major Civil Works including Construction Materials

The second extension option available under the contract has been agreed to by the panel and the contract has been extended to 31 January 2025.

1 A & C Plant Hire Pty Limited 85 Fitt Resources Pty Ltd 169 Pan Civil Pty Ltd
2 A J Parsons Earthmoving Pty Ltd 86 Ford Civil Contracting Pty Ltd 170 Pave-Link Pty Ltd t/as Outdoor and General
3 Aaro Group Pty Ltd 87 Fortade Group Pty Ltd 171 Pensar Construction Group Pty Limited
4 AJ Pipelines & Constructions Pty Ltd t/as AJ Civil Projects 88 Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd 172 Perfection Landscape Services Pty Ltd
5 Alder Constructions Pty Ltd 89 Funnell’s Electrical Pty Ltd 173 Piling & Concreting Australia (PCA) Pty Ltd
6 All Civil Works Group Pty Ltd 90 Gauci Civil Contracting Pty Ltd 174 Pipe Management Australia Pty Ltd
7 Alliance Construction Group Pty Ltd 91 GC Civil Contracting Pty Ltd 175 Pipeline Watertech Pty Ltd
8 Ally Property Services Pty Ltd t/as Ally Civil 92 GM Road & Civil Group Pty Ltd 176 Planet Civil Pty Ltd
9 Alpha Civil Group Pty Ltd 93 GPM Marine Constructions 177 Polysoft Pty Limited
10 Antoun’s Construction Pty Ltd t/as AMJ Demolition & Excavation 94 GPP Excavation & Demolition Contractors Pty Ltd 178 Precast Civil Industries Pty Ltd T/as BCP Precast
11 Anzellotti Constructions Pty Ltd t/as Anzcons Civil & Concreting 95 Gracey Earthmoving & Excavations 179 Preferred Turf Pty Ltd
12 Ark Construction Group Pty Ltd 96 Grants Rd Sand Pty Ltd 180 Q-Max Pumping Systems Pty Ltd
13 Asphalt Laying Services Pty Limited T/as ALS Group (NSW) 97 Greater West Landscapes Pty Ltd 181 Quality Management & Constructions Pty Ltd
14 Asset Corporate Company Pty Ltd T/A Asset Building Systems Australia 98 Grow & Construct Pty Ltd T/as Urban Landscape Projects 182 Quickway Constructions Pty Ltd
15 Auscape Pty Ltd 99 Growth Civil Landscapes Pty Ltd 183 R & M Carter Haulage Pty Ltd t/as Roadside Civil & Maintenance
16 Austek Asphalt Services Pty Ltd 100 GTE1 Pty Ltd 184 R Line Civil & Concreting Pty Ltd
17 Austek Spray Seal Pty Ltd 101 Hazell Bros (Qld) Pty Ltd 185 R&M Earthmoving Pty Ltd ATF RRR Oberoi Family Trust
18 Avant Constructions Pty Ltd 102 HD Civil Pty Ltd 186 Rainbow Group Pty Ltd
19 Awada Civil Engineering Pty Ltd 103 Heavy Foundations Pty Ltd 187 Raygal Pty Ltd
20 Azbuild Pty Ltd 104 HI_Tech Civil Group Pty Ltd 188 Regal Innovations Pty Ltd
21 Baker Built Pty Ltd 105 Hibernian Contracting Pty. Ltd. 189 Relyon Constructions Pty Ltd
22 Bayrange Pty Ltd 106 Hines Construction Pty Ltd 190 Residential Commercial Civil Pty Ltd
23 Bayswater Projects Pty Ltd 107 Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd t/as Humes 191 Retaining Specialists Pty Ltd
24 Beasy Pty Ltd 108 Holmes Civil Weld and Construct Pty Ltd 192 Rivers Construction Pty Limited
25 BGR Group Pty Ltd 109 Homann Constructions Pty Limited 193 RMA Contracting Pty Ltd
26 Bingo Waste Services Pty Ltd 110 Houghton and Meredith Pty. Ltd 194 Road Safety Barriers Pty Ltd
27 Bioaction Pty Ltd 111 Hunter Wide Civil Pty Ltd 195 Road Sure Pty Ltd
28 Bishton Group Pty Ltd 112 Hutchens Holdings Pty Ltd 196 Roadwork Industries Pty Ltd
29 Boylson Pty Ltd 113 HXR Construction Pty Ltd 197 Robbie Lee Developments Pty Ltd
30 Braid Industries Pty Ltd 114 Infrastructure Renewal Services 198 Rugendyke and Bashforth Contracting Pty Ltd
31 Brefni Pty Ltd 115 Innaco Pty Ltd 199 S A F Group Pty Ltd
32 Budget Demolition & Excavation Pty Ltd 116 Inquik Pty Ltd 200 Sam the Paving Man Pty Limited
33 C&D Constructions (NSW) Pty Ltd 117 Interflow Pty Limited 201 San Marino Concreting Pty Ltd
34 Cable & Pipe Locations Pty Ltd 118 J&G Excavations & Asphalting (NSW) Pty Ltd 202 SC Action Pty Ltd ATF The Campbell Family Trust t/as O’Brien Electrical & Plumbing Lismore
35 CD Civil Pty Ltd 119 J.B.G Contractors (NSW) Pty Ltd 203 SD Civil Engineering Pty Ltd
36 Cecam Projects Pty Ltd 120 J.E Williamson & J.G Williamson t/as Williamson Earthmoving 204 See Civil Pty Ltd
37 Celtic Civil Pty Ltd 121 Jay & Lel Civil Contractors Pty Ltd 205 Shail Construction Pty Ltd
38 Citywide Asphalt Pty Ltd t/as Citywide Civil Works 122 Jet Black Pavements Pty Ltd 206 Sharpe Bros (Aust) Pty Ltd
39 Civeco Pty Ltd 123 Kawalewski Plumbing Pty Ltd Trading as Southern Relining Services 207 SNG Engineering Pty Ltd
40 Civil and Civic Group Pty Ltd 124 KCE Pty Limited 208 Solid Scapes Investments Pty Ltd ATF A F Holdings Trust t/as Solid Scapes
41 Civil Constructions Pty Limited 125 Killard Infrastructure Pty Ltd 209 South Syd Concrete Pty Ltd
42 Civil Independence Industries Pty Ltd 126 KJ Civil & Paving Pty Ltd 210 South West Kerbing Pty Ltd
43 Civil Mining & Construction Pty Ltd 127 KK Consultants Pty Ltd t/as KK Civil Engineering 211 Southern Asphalt Services Pty Ltd t/as Capital Asphalt
44 Civil Streetscapes Pty Ltd 128 Ladex Construction Group Pty Ltd 212 Stabilcorp Pty Ltd
45 Civil Works (NSW) Pty Ltd 129 Lamond Contracting Pty Ltd 213 State Civil Pty Ltd
46 CivilCS Pty Ltd 130 Landmark Marinas Pty Limited 214 Stateline Asphalt Pty Ltd
47 Cleanaway Operations Pty Ltd 131 Landmark Products Pty Ltd 215 Statewide Civil Pty Ltd
48 Cleary Bros (Bombo) Pty Ltd 132 Lanson Trading Pty Ltd 216 STEVE MAGILL EARTHMOVING PTY LTD
49 CM Contracting (Aust) Pty Ltd 133 Larmans Civil Engineering Pty Ltd t/as Land and Road Management Services (LARMANS) 217 Street Strong Pty Ltd
50 CNC Civil Pty Ltd 134 Latsyrc Pty Ltd 218 Sydney Tree Company Pty Ltd
51 Cockerill Contracting Pty Ltd 135 Ledonne Constructions Pty Ltd 219 T&L Excavations & Asphalting Pty Ltd
52 Coffs Harbour Asphalt Services Pty Ltd 136 Leroy Excavations Pty Limited 220 T.N.T. Plumbing & Drainage Pty Limited
53 Cogg Construction Pty Ltd 137 LT Renovations Pty Ltd 221 Tecorp Pty Limited
54 Collective Civil Pty Ltd 138 Lynch Civil Contractors Pty Ltd 222 Tenite Pty Ltd
55 Concrete Blitz Services Pty Ltd 139 Mack Civil Pty Ltd T/as Mack Civil Engineering 223 The Bashforth Unit Trust t/as J & M Bashforth & Sons
56 Connor Earthmoving Orange Pty Ltd 140 Martin & Josephine Tolley 224 The Civil Experts TA TCE Contracting
57 Convil Group Pty Ltd 141 Masport Pty Ltd 225 The Trustee for French Stonemasonry Trust
58 Crack Sealing Australia Pty Ltd 142 Mat Brown Building Pty Limited 226 The Trustee for S N Trust t/as Dracon Civil
59 D&J’s Civil Construction Pty Ltd 143 McBerns Pty Ltd 227 The Trustee for Stanco Family Trust (Solve Civil)
60 D&M Excavations and Asphalting Pty Ltd 144 McLennan Earthmoving Pty Limited 228 The Trustee for the Hutchens Family Trust t/as Plumblogic
61 Dalski Pty Ltd 145 McNamara & Tierney Pty Ltd Tas Kyogle Earthworx 229 The Trustee for the Pederick Family Trust t/as Aus Blue Bins
62 Daracon Contractors Pty Ltd 146 Metropolitan Demolitions Pty Ltd 230 TNT Building Group Pty Ltd
63 Delcare Constructions Pty Ltd 147 MFS Contracting Pty Ltd 231 Top Job Installations Pty Limited
64 Devcon Civil Pty Ltd 148 Michilis Pty. Limited 232 Total Drain Cleaning Services Pty Ltd
65 Ditchfield Contracting Pty Limited 149 Mid North Coast Contractors Pty Ltd 233 Total Earth Care Pty Ltd ATF Irrawong Trust
66 Douglas Park Earthmoving Pty Ltd 150 MJ Smith Ground Preparation Pty Ltd 234 TPE Enterprises Pty Ltd
67 Dragonfly Environmental Pty Ltd 151 MSA Civil and Communications Pty Ltd 235 Treadwell Group Pty Ltd
68 Durack Civil Pty Ltd 152 MSC Consulting And Project Services 236 Trility Solutions Australia Pty Ltd
69 Dynamic Civil Pty Ltd 153 MT & KA Cutajar Pty Ltd 237 TWS Evolution Pty Ltd
70 E.B. Mawson & Sons Proprietary Limited 154 Mullane Maintenance Pty Limited 238 Undercover Landscapes
71 Eather Group Pty Ltd 155 NA Group Pty Ltd 239 Unicorn Landscaping & Stone Masondry Pty Ltd
72 EBCON 156 National Civil Projects Pty Limited 240 Urban Asset Solutions Pty Ltd
73 Ecodynamics Landscaping Pty Ltd 157 Nemer Civil Pty Ltd t/as Rockpave Civil 241 Urban Renew Pty Ltd
74 Eire Construction Pty Ltd 158 North Shore Paving Co Pty Ltd 242 Valley Earthworks Pty Ltd
75 Ellis Profiling (Qld) Pty Ltd 159 NSW Building and Civil Pty Ltd 243 Waeger Constructions Pty Ltd t/as Waeger Bridges
76 EMT Pty Ltd 160 NSW Kerbing Pty Ltd 244 Ward Civil & Environmental Engineering Pty Ltd
77 Engineering and Civil Contractors Pty Ltd 161 Ollicina Civil Pty Limited 245 Water Brothers Group Pty Ltd
78 Enterprise Landscapes and Civil Pty Ltd 162 One Asphalt (NSW) Pty Ltd 246 Wear Construction Pty Ltd
79 Envirocivil NSW Pty Ltd 163 Openshore Pty Limited 247 WF & SL Sullivan Pty Ltd
80 Enviropacific Services Pty Limited 164 Optimal Civil Pty Ltd 248 Whyte Civil Pty Ltd
81 Euro Civil Pty Ltd 165 Optimal Stormwater Pty Ltd 249 Wilmot Civil Pty Ltd t/as Wilmot Pipelining
82 EzyPave Pty Ltd 166 Ozpave (Aust) Pty Ltd 250 Winslow Infrastructure Pty Ltd
83 Fenworx Pty Ltd t/as Newpave Asphalt 167 P & C Roach Contracting & Plant Hire Pty Ltd 251 ZAMR Engineering Pty Ltd
84 Field Trust 168 P.J. Warner Australia Pty Limited  
LGP507-4   Library Books, Resource Materials and Furniture

The first extension option available under the contract has been agreed to by the panel and the contract has been extended to 28 February 2025.

1 ACBS Library Services Pty Ltd
2 ALS Library Services Pty Ltd
3 Aussie Global Books Pty Ltd
4 Bolinda Digital Pty Ltd
5 Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd
6 Campion Education (Aust) Pty Ltd t/as The Book House
7 CAVAL Limited t/as CAVAL Languages Direct
8 CEI Pty Limited t/as Raeco
9 Dagenmont Pty Ltd ATF The Lugton Family Trust t/as Peter Pal Library Supplier
10 Educational Concepts (Sales) Pty Ltd trading as Book Zone Sales
11 Essandem Pty Ltd ATF The Reed Trading Trust t/as Resource Furniture
12 Global Language Books Pty Ltd
13 James Bennett Pty Ltd
14 Kairos International Pty Ltd
15 Keith Ainsworth Pty Ltd
16 KL Media Pty Ltd t/as All Access Australasia
17 Library AV and Large Print Pty Limited
18 LOTE Libraries Direct Pty Ltd
19 MDM Entertainment Pty Ltd
20 Northmaze Pty Limited t/as Dymocks (Warringah Mall)
21 Sound Text Media Pty Ltd
22 Ulverscroft Large Print (Australia) Pty Ltd
23 Wavesound Pty Ltd

 LGP808-4   Human Resources (HR) – Permanent and Temporary Placements and Associated Services
Allstaff Australia Pty Ltd has added Yindili Pty Ltd as an authorised subcontractor under this panel arrangement.

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