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Contract Amendments – March 2023

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Contract Amendments – March 2023

LGP115-2      IT&C Products, Services & Consulting

ATI Australia Pty Ltd has changed its company name to ATI Australia Pty Ltd.  LGP confirms that there has been a change to the company ABN and ACN.

Blackadder Associates Pty Ltd has changed its company name to Mason Blackadder Pty Ltd.  LGP confirms that there has been a change to the company ABN and ACN.

LGP213         Bitumen, Emulsions and Asphalt Materials and Services

Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd has updated its pricing schedule.

LGP advises a special extension period has been agreed by approved contractors for a six-month period commencing from 1 July 2023 to 31 Dec 2023 or until the scheduled tender is finalised, and the new contract commences, whichever is the earliest.

1 Bernipave Road Solutions Pty Limited 26 J & E Asphalt & Civil Pty Ltd
2 Accurate Asphalt & Road Repairs Pty Ltd 27 J&G Excavations & Asphalting (NSW) Pty Ltd
3 All Pavement Solutions Asphalt Pty Limited 28 Jet Black Pavements Pty Ltd
4 All Pavement Solutions Pty Ltd 29 Kerway Asphalting Pty Ltd ATF The Harrison Family Trust
5 ANA Industries Pty Ltd 30 Mack Civil Pty Ltd T/as Mack Civil Engineering
6 ANJ Paving Pty Ltd 31 Menzplant Pty Ltd
7 Asphalt Laying Services Pty Limited T/as ALS Group (NSW) 32 NA Group Pty Ltd
8 Avijohn Contracting Pty Ltd 33 New South Wales Spray Seal Pty Ltd
9 Bigeni Pty Ltd 34 Norman McMahon Patches Pty Ltd t/a Patches Asphalt
10 Bitupave Limited T/as Boral Asphalt 35 Optimal Civil Pty Ltd
11 BWB Civil Pty Ltd T/as Brisbane Water Bitumen 36 Ozpave (Aust) Pty Ltd
12 Civil Independence Industries Pty Ltd 37 Planet Civil Pty Ltd
13 COLAS New South Wales Pty Ltd 38 Project Asphalt Pty Ltd
14 Colas Solutions Pty Ltd 39 QC Asphalts Pty Ltd
15 Country Wide Asphalt 40 Roadworx Surfacing Pty Ltd
16 D&M Excavations and Asphalting Pty Ltd 41 RPQ Asphalts Pty Ltd t/as Brisbane Asphalts
17 Denrith Pty Ltd t/a Divall’s Earthmoving & Bulk Haulage 42 Rural Bitumen Services Pty Ltd
18 Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd 43 Stabilcorp Pty Ltd
19 Eastcoast Asphalt & Construction Pty Ltd trading as Fishers Asphalt 44 Stabilfix Pty Ltd
20 Ellis Profiling (Qld) Pty Ltd 45 Stabilised Pavements of Australia Pty Ltd
21 Ellis Stabilising Pty Ltd 46 State Asphalt Services Pty Ltd
22 Fenworx Pty Ltd  t/as Newpave Asphalt 47 Stateline Asphalt Pty Ltd
23 Fulton Hogan Industries Pty Ltd 48 T&L Excavations & Asphalting Pty Ltd
24 GPP Excavation & Demolition Contractors Pty Ltd 49 The Trustee for SuperSealing Unit Trust t/a SuperSealing Pty Ltd
25 Hiway Stabilizers Australia Pty Ltd

LGP320         Legal Services

BAL Lawyers has updated its pricing schedule in accordance with the contract anniversary.

LGP419         Other Plant and Equipment

Roy Gripske & Sons Pty Ltd t/as Powerup Lawncare Products has updated its pricing schedule.

NPN114-2     Supply, Fitting, Maintenance & Recycling of Tyres, Tubes and Automotive and Marine Batteries

Michelin Australia Pty Ltd has updated its pricing schedule.

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