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Contract Amendments – June 2023

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Contract Amendments – June 2023

LGP113-2 – Traffic Management Services

Roadwork Solutions Pty Ltd have updated the pricing schedule.

LGP408-4 – Horticultural, Pest, Pool and Water Management

International Quadratics Pty Ltd (ABN 36 091 533 167 & ACN 091 533 167) has been temporarily suspended from the LGP408-4 panel arrangement, effective from 9 June 2023. LGP will provide further update, should any change to its suspension status.

Australian Agribusiness (Holdings) Pty Ltd t/as Nuturf have updated the pricing schedule.

LGP420 – Minor and Major Civil Works including Construction Materials

CA&I Pty Ltd have withdrawn from the LGP420 panel arrangement, effective from 2 June 2023.

NPN114-2 – Supply, Fitting, Maintenance & Recycling of Tyres, Tubes and Automotive and Marine Batteries

Tyrepower Limited t/as ProFleet have updated the Pricing schedule.

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