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Contract Amendments – February 2024

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Contract Amendments – February 2024

LGP1208-4 Professional Consulting Services
  1. Aspect Studios Pty Ltd have updated their pricing as of February 2024.
  2. BMT Commercial Australia Pty Ltd have updated their pricing as of January 2024.
  3. GHD Pty Ltd have updated their pricing as of January 2024.
  4. Orion Consulting Engineers have updated their pricing as of February 2024.
LGP308-3   Playgrounds, Open Spaces, Modular Structures, Exterior Lighting, Recreational and Associated Infrastructure

Kompan Playscape Pty Ltd changed its name to Kompan Australia Pty Ltd.

LGP320       Legal Services

The second extension option available under the contract has been agreed to by the panel and the contract has been extended to 31 January 2025.

1 Bartier Perry Pty Limited
2 CMJ Legal Pty Ltd
3 Commins Hendriks Pty Ltd t/as Commins Hendriks Solicitors
4 HL Newcastle Pty Ltd t/as Hamilton Locke
5 Hunter Councils Legal Services Limited t/as Local Government Legal
6 Jenkins Legal Services Pty Ltd
7 Kell Moore Pty Ltd t/as Kell Moore Lawyers
8 Keystone Lawyers Pty Limited
9 LTL Pty Limited t/as Lindsay Taylor Lawyers
10 Matthews Folbigg Pty Ltd ATF Matthews Folbigg Unit Trust
11 McCabe Curwood Pty Ltd
12 Meyer Vandenberg Pty Ltd
13 No Borders Legal Advocates Pty Ltd t/as NB Lawyers – Lawyers for Employers
14 Partnership of D.R Bedford & Others t/as McCullough Robertson Lawyers
15 Partnership of G.A Atkins & G.T Connellan & J Cooper & L Gardner & S.C Harris & M.J Huckerby & M.J Lee & P McCarthy & R McKenna & S.G O’Sullivan & P.W Utiger & S Wallace & C.A Williams t/as Moray & Agnew Newcastle
16 Partnership of J.B Adam & D.R Baird & G Boundra & G Butterfield & P.J Crttenden & J.H Marsden & T.C Reeve & A.J Seton & J.R Thornton & N Youseff t/as Marsdens Law Group
17 Partnership of LP Aiken & D.J Beer & TD Boyce & GK Brennan & D.J Campbell-Williams&P.N De Haan & M Douglas & D.G Gaszner & M.D George & P.R Grinte & J Howard & P.L LE Guay & K.A Luke & S.J Lyons & Others t/as Thomson Geer
18 Partnership of N.J Abrahams & Others t/as Norton Rose Fulbright Australia
19 Partnership of P.J Chodat & A.R Harper & M.J Hatfield & P.D Magagnino & D.L Potts & M Quintiliani t/as Kells The Lawyers
20 Proximity Advisory Services Pty Ltd
21 Recoveries & Reconstructions (Aust) Pty Ltd
22 Redenbach Group Pty Ltd
23 The Partnership of The Existing Partners stated in the Restated Deed of Partnership t/as Maddocks
24 The Partnership of The Martinez HWL Practice Trust & The East HWL Practice Trust & The Warat HWL Practice Trust & The Martin HWL Practice Trust & Others t/as HWL Ebsworth Lawyers
25 Williams Love & Nicol Pty Ltd ATF WLTB Unit Trust t/as BAL Lawyers
 LGP408-4   Horticultural, Pest, Pool and Water Management

Nuturf have updated their pricing schedule as of February 2024.

LGP420       Minor and Major Civil Works including Construction Materials

Interflow Pty Ltd have updated their pricing as of February 2024.

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