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Contract Amendments – April 2024

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Contract Amendments – April 2024

LGP1208-4 Professional Consulting Services

APP Corporation Pty Limited have undergone a category enhancement to include “Planning, Design and Development Services” as of April 2024.

LGP114-2   Road and Traffic Signage, Associated Hardware and Roadside Products

Barrier Signs Pty Ltd have updated their pricing as of April 2024
Delnorth Pty Ltd has been unsuspended from the LGP114-2 panel arrangement.

LGP319       Energy Services

A special contract extension has been agreed to by the panel and this contract will now conclude on 31 December 2024 or until the scheduled tender is finalised and the new contract commences, whichever is the earliest.

1 3E Net Zero Group Pty Ltd
2 Iberdrola Australia Smart Energy Solutions Pty Ltd
3 KGM Services Pty Ltd
4 Lowa Projects Pty Ltd
5 Origin Energy Electricity Limited
6 Perdaman Advanced Energy Pty Ltd
7 Sustainable Business Energy Solutions Pty Ltd t/as AGL Energy Solutions
8 The Trustee For Sun Trust
LGP320       Legal Services

The following Approved Contractors have updated their pricing schedule:

1 Commins Hendriks Pty Ltd t/as Commins Hendriks Solicitors
2 Kell Moore Pty Ltd t/as Kell Moore Lawyers
3 LTL Pty Limited t/as Lindsay Taylor Lawyers
4 Matthews Folbigg Pty Ltd ATF Matthews Folbigg Unit Trust
5 Partnership of G.A Atkins & G.T Connellan & J Cooper & L Gardner & S.C Harris & M.J Huckerby & M.J Lee & P McCarthy & R McKenna & S.G O’Sullivan & P.W Utiger & S Wallace & C.A Williams t/as Moray & Agnew Newcastle
6 Proximity Advisory Services Pty Ltd
7 The Partnership of The Existing Partners stated in the Restated Deed of Partnership t/as Maddocks

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