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Contract Amendments

Contract Amendments – September 2022

LGP115-2 IT&C Products, Services & Consulting
• ArcBlue Consulting (Aus) Pty Ltd acting Trustee for ArcBlue Consulting Trust have removed the Product Liability Insurance requirement under the LGP115-2 contract.

LGP213-2 Bitumen, Emulsions and Asphalt Materials and Service
• The following panel members have updated their pricing schedules, in accordance with the contract anniversary:

1. Bitupave Limited T/as Boral Asphalt
2. C&D Asphalting Pty Ltd
3. Civil Independence Industries Pty Ltd
4. Downer EDI Works Pty Ltd
5. Fenworx Pty Ltd t/as Newpave Asphalt
6. Hiway Stabilizers Australia Pty Ltd
7. Mack Civil Pty Ltd T/as Mack Civil Engineering
8. New South Wales Spray Seal Pty Ltd
9. Optimal Civil Pty Ltd
10. Pacific Blue Metal Pty Ltd
11. Roadworx Surfacing Pty Ltd

LGP319 Energy Services
• The first option available under the contract has been agreed to by the panel and the contract has been extended to 30 June 2023.

1. Autonomous Energy Pty Ltd
2. Echo Group Corporation Pty Ltd
3. Ecosave Pty Ltd
4. Figure and Ground Advisory Pty Ltd
5. Home Green Pty Ltd
6. KGM Services Pty Ltd
7. Lowa Projects Pty Ltd
8. Oberix Group Pty Ltd
9. Origin Energy Electricity Limited
10. Perdaman Advanced Energy Pty Ltd
11. Schneider Electric Buildings Australia Pty Ltd
12. Siemens Ltd
13. Suntrix Pty Ltd ATF SunTrust
14. Sustainable Business Energy Solutions Pty Ltd t/as AGL Energy Solutions
15. The Green Guys Group Pty Ltd

LGP419 Heavy Plant and Equipment / Other Plant and Equipment
• John Deere Limited has updated its pricing schedule.
• STIHL Pty Ltd has updated its pricing schedule.

LGP420 Minor and Major Civil Works including Construction Materials
• Holcim (Australia) t/as Humes have updated their pricing schedule.
• SNG Constructions Pty Limited has changed its company name to SNG Engineering Pty Ltd. LGP confirms that there has been a change to the company ABN and ACN.

LGP719 Media, Advertising and Creative Services
• MITP Agency Pty Ltd have been suspended as an LGP Approved Contractor under this panel arrangement.

NPN116-2 Industrial, Construction, Electrical, Domestic, Urban & Civil Consumables, General Hardware & Materials
• Vinidex Pty Ltd’s new pricing has been approved on 19 September 2022 under this panel arrangement.

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