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LGP in association with ArcBlue have designed a program that focuses on cost savings, internal efficiency and procurement maturity.

LEAP is a low-cost ongoing continuous improvement program that uses real data and evidence to improve the procurement capability of council.

LEAP spans over three years, utilising real data from council to give better visibility and categorisation of spend, allowing benchmarking to drive continuous improvement of procurement.

  • A single point of access to all ‘Spend’ and ‘Capability’ dashboards
  • Visibility and understanding of ‘Spend’ profile
  • Highlights cost saving opportunities across various categories
  • Ability to monitor procurement compliance with policy and probity
  • Strategic LEAP plans for continuous procurement improvement through a targeted ‘Capability Assessment’ program
  • Performance tracking through sector and regional benchmarking
  • Dedicated triparty support to achieve procurement improvement and maturity
  • Benchmarking from multiple regions allowing analysis and strategy development

Procurement Dimensions Analytics

LEAP uses ‘Procurement Dimensions Analytics’ to identify the council’s current and targeted level of procurement maturity. The procurement dimensions are the key elements of sound procurement. This is a structured approach involving the analysis of each dimension of procurement. This delivers a plan demonstrating how the council will develop in those dimensions they wish to address. Council is then assessed annually against achievement of this plan. The strategy is built to develop procurement maturity driving towards benefits realisation.

Each dimension is connected with all other dimensions and drives towards procurement excellence. LGP and ArcBlue conduct annual reviews against these key phases and help council deliver improvement as part of the LEAP journey.

Program Stages

Different stages of the program represents the process we follow to implement the LEAP program. At each step there are clearly defined processes and a structured method of assessing council’s procurement maturity. This assists council to identify their procurement maturity and determine steps needed to achieve excellence. The process is a triparty approach with LGP, ArcBlue and council working together to deliver improvement.

Raising Procurement Maturity Levels

LEAP identifies council’s current procurement maturity ranging from ‘Emergent’ to ‘Gold’ as part of council’s journey and highlights strategies to raise the level of maturity against the 8 procurement dimensions.

LEAP emphasises council’s procurement excellence, delivering a stronger council, achieved through benchmarking and a robust process.

LEAP recognises council improvement with annual assessment and a formal presentation. Celebrate success!

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