About the LGP Consulting Team

The LGP Consulting Team are a specialised unit established by LGP to provide individual support to councils in relation to specific procurement projects. 

Dedicated support

LGP Consulting Team provide excellence in procurement processes with experience in government and corporate organisations spanning over 20 years. Since commencing in 2006, LGP has been aligned with councils and understand their procurement needs. Since 2010 the LGP Consulting Team has delivered over 40 customised projects to councils with successful results.

How can the LGP Consulting Team benefit you?

Safeguard your reputation

LGP’s comprehensive experience, due diligence and approach to probity, ethics and good governance provide the foundation for an open, fair and transparent process that delivers confidence and assurance to councils.

Increased efficiencies

LGP Consulting Team specialises in providing professional procurement support to councils that may have limited resources or time constraints. Outsourcing your procurement requirements can allow council staff more time to work on other priorities, while delivering a value for money solution to councils.

Comprehensive knowledge base

LGP Consulting Team have comprehensive knowledge and experience demonstrated through the success of past projects that have been facilitated on behalf of councils.

For more information

Contact the LGP Consulting Team or call 02 8270 8747 or complete the online form below to request a quote for services.