Local Government Procurement


Phill Scott

Professional Indemnity Insurances

Professional indemnity insurance (PI) has come to our attention again. Councils are concerned as to appropriate levels required of their consultants. On the other hand, consultants feel that the levels required by councils (together with liability and indemnity requirements) are often not that reasonable. Further, Local Government Procurement (LGP) has learnt that insurers are becoming …

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Procurement Practitioners on the Canberra Stage

In mid-September, the 5th annual Future of Gov Procurement summit was held in Canberra. Local Government speakers included Marea Getsios, Manager of Procurement and Fleet, at City of Canada Bay, Anubhav Madan, Head of Contract Compliance and Optimisation, LGP and myself. Cathy Dizon, Strategic Procurement & Contracts Manager, SSROC, supported from the audience. Marea presented …

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Ensuring Stock Availability

Some months back, I wrote about Dealing with Inflation. Amongst the concepts was an “Allocated stock agreement with suppliers to hold a certain quantity of stock kept solely for you, then delivered and invoiced as you need it (also known as ‘Consignment Stock’ depending on where the goods are located).” I’ll expand on this and …

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Dealing with Inflation

I’ve faced various economic environments during my career in procurement. The 1980’s stand out in my mind as a period of high inflation and a strange form of opulence in some ways. Sales representatives were driving around in quite upmarket vehicles, businesses seemed willing to spend big, inflation was rife and supply chain issues common. …

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Methods of Evaluating Price in Tenders – Part 2

This month we will continue explanation of the many methods to evaluate and compare offers. You will recall we listed the following methods in our February article: • Qualitative narrative In this edition, we cover three more options: • Matrix comparison (Comparative assessment & ranking) • Inverse cost • Brookes Law Matrix comparison (Comparative assessment …

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