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Announcing Phill Scott’s Retirement

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Announcing Phill Scott’s Retirement

Phill has recently announced his retirement. All of us at Local Government Procurement (LGP) will miss his knowledge, expertise and companionship. We are grateful for the support and guidance he has provided over the years. We sincerely wish him all the best for an enjoyable retirement.

Phill Scott joined LGP in 2006 and is a founding member of the LGP team. Over the past 17 years Phill has provided significant input into the growth of LGP. Phill joined LGP as a Contracts Manager and leaves us as Chief Procurement Officer. Prior to joining LGP, Phill was involved in key procurement roles in Local Government going back to 1991. Pre-local government he gained fifteen years relevant private sector experience, having worked in industrial coatings, aircraft fabrication, commercial air conditioning, horticulture, chemical and electronics industries.

Some of Phill’s achievements include:

  • Fellow of World Commerce and Contracting (previously the Australian Association of Procurement and Contract Management.)
  • Awarded lifetime “Certified Purchasing Manager” (C.P.M.) status through Victoria University in conjunction with the Institute for Supply Management (USA).
  • Accredited Probity Adviser.
  • Member of the Resolution Institute (previously the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia.)
  • Member of the World Commerce & Contracting Global Council.
  • 10+ years’ teaching experience at TAFE teaching Procurement, Warehousing and Logistics subjects.
  • Authored articles in procurement magazines and a textbook.
  • Co-authored a White Paper on Challenges of Innovative Projects and/or Preferential Treatment under the Tendering Process in NSW Local Government.
  • Presented at many conferences and events throughout his career.

A message from our Chair

Phill Scott is a founding member of the Local Government Procurement team. As a foundation staff member, Phill was one of only a few staff and his work has contributed to shape the development of LGP and achieve our significant growth which now sees a team of more than 40 serving NSW councils. Over the years we have benefitted from his expertise and the high regard in which he is held by procurement professionals in the local government sector. With 30+ years’ experience in local government I would like to acknowledge Phill’s service and contribution. On behalf of the LGP Board we thank you for your significant contribution to LGP and wish you a wonderful and long retirement – John Truman, Chair Local Government Procurement Board.

Words from our team

I have worked with Phill for over 17 years. During that time, we have experienced highs and lows, shared stories and supported each other. Phill is an admirable, conscientious, fair, and pragmatic person. He leaves big shoes to fill, and I will miss seeing him around the office. I wish you all the best with your retirement Phill – Emma

I have known Phill for two decades. I first met Phill as my teacher at St George TAFE in 2003. I was delighted to know that three years later I would be working alongside him in a newly created company called Local Government Procurement. Over the years I have called Phill, teacher, manager, advisor, sparring partner, and colleague. Phill, many things have changed but one thing remains, I will always value your knowledge and wisdom. I will miss your fedora hat on Melbourne Cup Day – Margret

Early on when I started with LGP, I was dealing with a particularly complex problem where I went to Phill for guidance; in Phill-esque style he very eloquently said “Document everything!” Not only did that resolve that problem, but also many subsequent issues that I have had to face since; so, his advice has always stayed with me. This eloquence and wisdom from the years will surely be missed! Not only has he had a massive impact on the sector but everyone he’s touched! – Anubhav

I recall asking Phill once in the early years, how he managed to keep fit. Phill said, “one sandwich, a piece of fruit whilst keeping up with the news and a 30-minute brisk walk every day.” Many years later, I can confirm that is true for all the years I have known him. Phill, it has been an honour and a privilege to work with you. I am grateful to you for all the knowledge and wisdom you shared with me – Mihaela

Phill, I really enjoyed working with you, always approachable. I admire your patience, persistence, and integrity. Your retirement is very well deserved, but you will be missed for sure! Look after yourself – Gloria

Phill Scott – the legacy you leave behind is going to be celebrated forever! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you and learn from you. Wish you the very best in everything that’s next – Ayesha

Phill is a great leader, already guiding and coaching in the short I have spent with him. I know, for sure, Phill does have a retirement plan, he plans on SKIING. Congratulations! – Rosemae

During the formative years of LGP, when we were framing our policy for Acceptance of Gifts, a staff member asked Phill, “what do you think is the maximum value of gratuity that an LGP officer could accept?” Phill responded in his usual no nonsense Phill-esque manner; “None of course. The easiest way to avoid any unwanted entanglement or attention is to simply accept nothing at all.” From the memory of Margret

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