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$500M for Repair of Flood Damaged Roads

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$500M for Repair of Flood Damaged Roads

The NSW Government recently announced the Regional and Local Roads Repair Program (RLRRP) which will provide $500M to support councils to undertake urgent repairs to their road network.

Funding is expected to be announced in February and the Program Guidelines stipulate that all allocated funding must be expended by 29 February 2024. As this funding is available to all councils across NSW, councils will be challenged to spend their funding within the timeframe, particularly in relation to completing the procurement and engaging suppliers in a timely manner.

LGP contracts can assist councils to engage suppliers much more quickly than running an open market or selective tender.

The scope of LGP420 Minor and Major Works, and LGP213-2 Bitumen, Emulsion and Asphalt covers all of the corrective maintenance and renewal works covered under the RLRRP:

• Patching
• Heavy Patching or In-situ Modified
• Smoothing and Reshaping
• Drainage and Culverts
• Rehabilitation

LGP can also provide strategic procurement advice about the most efficient and effective way to undertake the procurement for the RLRRP, including advice on bundling works, regional aggregation, and creation of sub-panels within the LGP panels.

Using LGP panels for the procurement of contractors to undertake RLRRP works can help you get the work scheduled more quickly, ensuring your grant funding is expended in time.

For more information, please contact your Business Development Manager.

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