Local Government Procurement

October 26, 2023

Sustainable Procurement and ISO 20400

Sustainable procurement isn’t just about being ‘green’, nor is it limited to environmental impacts. Sustainable procurement is about good business practice that focusses on socially and ethically responsible procurement delivering value for money solutions that create positive environmental and social impact. Sustainable procurement is protecting the environment, strengthening local economies and supporting communities. It better …

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Sustainability Filters in LGP Contracts

LGP has assigned Sustainability Filter Tags to some of its contracts. Going forward each new contract will have Sustainability Filter Tags assigned through the tender process. The filters cover a range of sustainability elements and are visible in VendorPanel when purchasing through LGP Contracts. They highlight to buyers those suppliers that can provide better sustainability …

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State-of-the-art Libraries and Innovative Technology

Did you know that through LGP contracts your council library can be up-to date with the latest books, state-of-the-art furniture and a comprehensive array of goods and services for all council’s IT&C needs? LGP also enables your council to get the best professional consultancy for varied projects. Our contracts also offer councils a wide range …

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Reflections on a Changing Environment Pandemic | People | Procurement

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 was a historically transformative event disrupting the global economy. It impacted our lives in many ways; we stayed home, we worked from home, we could not socialise or connect in person with others. We engaged with others using VOIP, mobile phones, facetime, messenger, zoom, Microsoft teams and video conferencing platform …

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Professional Indemnity Insurances

Professional indemnity insurance (PI) has come to our attention again. Councils are concerned as to appropriate levels required of their consultants. On the other hand, consultants feel that the levels required by councils (together with liability and indemnity requirements) are often not that reasonable. Further, Local Government Procurement (LGP) has learnt that insurers are becoming …

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Procurement Practitioners on the Canberra Stage

In mid-September, the 5th annual Future of Gov Procurement summit was held in Canberra. Local Government speakers included Marea Getsios, Manager of Procurement and Fleet, at City of Canada Bay, Anubhav Madan, Head of Contract Compliance and Optimisation, LGP and myself. Cathy Dizon, Strategic Procurement & Contracts Manager, SSROC, supported from the audience. Marea presented …

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Procurement Outsourcing in Local Government

Procurement outsourcing refers to the process of delegating procurement-related activities to a third-party service provider. The third-party provider will be responsible for either the entire process or a portion of it. It is generally used for non-core activities and used when an organisation may not have adequate resources, skills, or the expertise in-house. As such, …

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Operating Lease Services

Time to Review your Operating Lease Services Agreements Did you know that the LGP Operating Lease Services Contract now covers ICT, Photocopiers, Multi-Function Devices, Printers and other Office Equipment? Operating Lease Services Contract – LGP1107-3: Vestone Capital has been appointed to provide competitive and fair operating lease services to councils with a range of agreed …

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New Tools in VendorPanel

The LGP Conference is postponed but we have a Zooth You don’t have to wait until October to learn about the new tools VendorPanel has on offer. Make a coffee and meet us in our Zooth (that’s our Zoom booth!) any time in February. Let’s set up a time to chat!

New Team – Customer Reference Group (CRG)

The Customer Reference Group (CRG) was established in 2019 to create a diverse group of council representatives. The purpose of the CRG is to gain valuable insights and feedback into councils’ changing needs and expectations. It provides representatives with intimate access to LGP management and the opportunity to influence various strategic initiatives. Following the Expression …

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Modern Slavery Risk Assessment – LGP Panels

Local Government Procurement (LGP) has recently completed its second annual modern slavery risk assessment across all its panel contracts. As a result, updated modern slavery risk ratings have been assigned to LGP Approved Contractors and are displayed as Supplier Intelligence (SI) badges in VendorPanel. These SI badges assist councils (when purchasing under LGP Contracts) to …

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