LGP Projects Team

About LGP Projects Team

LGP Projects Team are a specialised unit established by LGP to provide individual support to councils in relation to specific procurement projects. 

Dedicated support

LGP Projects Team provide excellence in procurement processes with experience in government and corporate organisations spanning over 20 years. Since commencing in 2006, LGP has been aligned with councils and understand their procurement needs. The LGP Projects Team has delivered over 40 customised projects to councils with successful results.

How can LGP Projects Team benefit you?

Safeguard your reputation

LGP’s comprehensive experience, due diligence and approach to probity, ethics and good governance provide the foundation for an open, fair and transparent process that delivers confidence and assurance to councils.

Increased efficiencies

LGP Projects Team specialises in providing professional procurement support to councils that may have limited resources or time constraints. Outsourcing your procurement requirements can allow council staff more time to work on other priorities, while delivering a value for money solution to councils.

Comprehensive knowledge base

LGP Projects Team have comprehensive knowledge and experience demonstrated through the success of past projects that have been facilitated on behalf of councils.

Range of services offered

RFx development and facilitation

RFx (e.g. Request for Tender) development and facilitation is LGP’s core business. The LGP Projects Team has demonstrated experience and working knowledge of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 (part 7), Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) (s55) and Tendering Guidelines for NSW Local Government 2009. The team’s experience will ensure that each step of the tendering process follows best practice principles of local government procurement. LGP Projects Team are able to develop and provide all tender related documentation that covers the end-to-end RFx process. The process includes tender documentation, evaluation and probity plans, development of key performance indicators (KPI’s), risk assessments, procurement plans, and recommendation reports. The team can also advise on specifications, contracts, evaluation criteria and weightings.

Probity and audit advice

LGP Projects Team are able to provide councils with probity advice to minimise risk and avoid scrutiny from the public on procurement processes. The team’s in-depth knowledge of the regulations, legislations, tendering guidelines and resources within LGP provides councils with a high level of probity service. Recommendation reports are provided at the end of the engagement that councils may use for future procurement procedure development.

Review and develop process, policies and procedures

LGP Projects Team can review organisations procurement policies and documentation providing recommendations leading to improvements, governance and compliance. The team’s impartial approach and understanding of the council’s process and needs allows us to provide well structured solutions customised to each individual council.

Outplacement services

The outplacement service is a short term solution for a council that is resource constrained. When engaging LGP Projects Team as a temporary outplacement solution, councils will acquire procurement professionals that will facilitate daily procurement tasks to best-practice procedures. The aim is to support councils and keep business running as usual.

Contract management

To meet the council’s evolving needs LGP Projects Team is able to develop a suite of contract management tools to aid in the implementation and the management of contracts. The team will guide council representatives through contract management aspects such as contract preparation, implementation, compliance, and contractor performance management. LGP Projects Team enables organisations to move forward with confidence and assurance that robust arrangements are in place, governance requirements are being met and value for money is achieved.

Project management

LGP Projects Team is able to plan and organise the resources necessary to complete a procurement project and/or objective from inception to implementation. This includes planning, execution and coordinating the team, resources and scope of the project.

For more information

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